Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Beat Generation (1950) page on FB has censured my art/Tony Adamo

The Beat Generation (1950) page on FB has censured my art because the word BEATNIK was in the headline for the backdrop of my art. This is a affront to me and the free thinking artists who are poets, writers, and musicians of this world. I am not hip to the fact that the moderator of The Beat Generation has censured my art. The beat generation has posted many of my graphic art works in the past. But now because of the word BEATNIK I am censured and kicked off the Beat Generation and not allowed to post in the future. This shows me that the Beat Generation moderator does not have a full grasp and is not hip to the history of the Beat Generation. The follow quote provides illumination into clarification of the Beatnik to Beat Generation.
"The Beatnik counter culture was a revolutionary time for music and literature. There is a common stereotype that Beatniks where nothing more than a higher echelon of hippies with few aspirations outside of sex and drugs. Despite some truth in those stereotypes, the Beat Generation actively shaped North American culture."
Orange County Reverb, January 7, 2013
"Kirpal Gordon Tony Roc Adamo: lord/son, lad: the pic is so compelling w/ the figures in red (& the flag) against that silly headline in dark black w. NYPD face peeking through. yr pic is not just about art & artists---it IS art! i am not sure why anyone wld object to the word beatnik as that was the shorthand back then. i never thought of AG, his dad OR taylor mead as beatniks; they are all too old & too real. maynard g. krebs, a TV-invented phenomenon, was a beatnik just like the word beatnik which has nuttin to do w/ JK's beatific experience. stay strong & kleep making work like this---& in the recording studio! happy INDEPENDENCE day!"
If you have been censured by TBG in the past please post your experience on my FB page. A most hip thank you.

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