Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Bill Evans Trio/Tony Adamo

Tony Adamo & Mike Clark


Mike Clark produced three releases for the spoken word prophet Tony Adamo, including ”Miles of Blu" "Tony Adamo & The New York Crew" and the unreleased "Tony Adamo & The NY Commission with Tower of Power’s Doc Krupka, bass legend Paul Jackson, Michael Wolff, Lenny White, Richie Goods, Donald Harrison,Mike LeDonne, Jack Wilkins, Tim Ouimette and Bill Summers.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tony Adamo Jannine Santana

Just got off the hook with Janine Santana, Latin Jazz percussionist, project leader for the 6-12 piece Janine Santana Latin Jazz Ensemble (featuring Richie Cole, Jose Madera and many other jazzers in the international music community), radio host, actor, artist, designer and writer is a well respected fireball of creative activity. Janine interviewed me for her radio shows on Party 934 radio, KUHS radio Denver,CO and KUVO jazz radio Denver,CO. To be broadcast at a later date. A most hip heart felt thank you to Janine Santana. B well B hip.
Tony Adamo

Friday, March 17, 2017

Tony Adamo on KUNV 91.5

Yo Wow Kim & Steve, I got the tweet at 11: am this morning. Went right to the play list and dug the spin at 8:47. A most heart felt thanks to you both. B well B hip.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Playlist for New Play Tuesday with Janine on Party934 Radio/Toy Adamo

Playlist for New Play Tuesday with Janine on Party934, March 14, 2017, episode 492, Featured: Cubafońia by Daymé Arocena
Name Time Album Artist
1 AC Party934 0:08
2 Eleggua 3:09 Cubafonía Daymé Arocena
3 mic break 2:00
4 La Rumba Me Llamo Yo 4:24 Cubafonía Daymé Arocena
5 Bubu Dub 4:01 Build Music Janka Nabay
6 Natural Woman 4:51 Testimony Howard Johnson & Gravity
7 mic break 2:00
8 Learning How To Listen 6:07 Aminata Moseka - An Abbey Linc… Va Virginia Schenck
9 For Tito 8:15 Shades Of The Bay Norbert Stachel
10 Sugar Ant 5:17 Tangled Endemic Ensemble
11 mic break 2:00
12 Lo Que Fue 3:49 Cubafonía Daymé Arocena
13 Picasso At Midnite 3:18 Tony Adamo and the New York C… Tony Adamo And The New York…
14 Folks Who Live On The Hill (feat.… 5:01 I Go Back Home Jimmy Scott
15 mic break 2:00
16 The Mission 5:00 It's Like This Jim Buennig
17 Day And Night 3:30 Dreaming With Eyes Wide Awake Misha
18 03 Darn That Dream 5:18 Frescalalto Lee Konitz
19 mic break 2:00
20 Holy Land 10:03 Clockwise: The Music Of Cedar… Ben Markley Big Band
21 Everybody is Somebodies Fool F… 3:58 Jimmy Scott - I go Back Home Jimmy Scott
22 mic break 2:00
23 Discount Records 3:34 Picture Him Happy Ben Sidran
24 Guajira 3:15 Havana-Paris-Dakar Alune Wade & Harold Lopez-Nussa
25 Moondance 4:39 Mixtura Luba Mason Feat. Al Jarreau
26 Janine on Party934 0:16 Station ID Mr Ho
27 The Harlem Pipes 9:58 Basically Baker Vol 2 [Disc 1] Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra
28 El Coronel 7:23 Avenida Graham Greg Diamond
29 mic break 2:00
30 Cómo 5:05 Cubafonía Daymé Arocena

Saturday, March 11, 2017