Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Freedom To B/Tony Adamo

Graffiti Out/Tony Adamo

virgin graffiti works/Tony Adamo/

Your Eyes R The Map That Hides The Key/Tony Adamo

Build a graffiti wall to stop artists from buggin' out on the USA/Tony Adamo/

Mr.G/Tony Adamo


stairway to the agony of love/Tony Adamo

Jazz Weekly/Tony Adamo

Tony Adamo: Sonic Henderson
I rarely review singles, but Tony Adamo is such a bowl of energy that anything he graces deserves extra attention. The single “Sonic Henderson” is from his upcoming full album due in March.
Adamo writes the lyrics as he preaches, teaches, rhyming, timing, evangelizin’ and street corner prophesyin’ with an air tight team of all stars Mike Clark/dr-prod, Mike LeDonne/B3 and Jack Wilkins/g. Adamo sounds like the hip mc as he delivers a testimony to Joe Henderson’s music, attitude and style, while LeDonne’s finger-licking boogaloo swirls around Clark’s Fred Astaire tap dancing on the cymbals and Wilkins’ Grant Green guitar groove digs a deep rivulet that you won’t want to get out of. Adamo is so enthusiastic that you’ll want to grab every Henderson album within reach, as well as wait with baited breath for Adamo’s whole megillah. Get ready for some toe tapping!
by George W. Harris /Jazz Weekly

Monday, February 13, 2017

A Most Heart Felt Thanks to Andy O' And Kuvo Jazz Radio/Tony Adamo/


Read Below/Tony Adamo

Tony, we find this image disturbing, more-over we’ve recently learned that you distribute this image. 
If this continues we will have to report your account to the US Government publishing office (spam committee) 
Madein Jazz (Madeinny JAZZ

Yo NY Jazz, I welcome It. It is disturbing to you because you failed to have a jazz spoken word category when you first started your competition. Excluding jazz spoken word artists young and old. 
Tony Adamo

No Respect/Tony Adamo