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Tony Adamo/Radio Play


Jazz Downloads: Top 200 All Time/Allaboutjazz/Tony Adamo

"In his latest video and mp3 "Nine Miles of Blu," Tony Adamo runs the voodoo down with legendary drummer Mike Clark (yes the drummer who played with Herbie Hancock back in 1974 on Thrust), and references to being in the middle of a happening jazz scene, tipping his verse to Miles' and Coltrane's "Giant Steps". Mike Clark sparking the track with great rhythmic ideas." Allaboutjazz

Monday, July 17, 2017

Trump's "Made In America Slogan" is Pure Bull Shit

Here Are All of the Trump Products Made Overseas/
1. Trump apparel
The Donald J. Trump Collection includes ties, suits, dress shirts, eyeglasses and other accessories. Trump shirts were made in China, Bangladesh, Honduras and Vietnam.
The Clinton campaign has pounced on many of these glaring hypocrisies in many ads in several key swing states.
2. Trump home Items
That's right, you can adorn your home with the Trump label and risk your house either being foreclosed or falling into a sink hole. Trump Home offers a variety of items including chandeliers, mirrors, bedding, table lamps, cabinets, sofas, barstools, cocktail tables and more. Reports show that pretty much all of these items are made in a host of foreign countries, including China and Turkey.
The Clinton campaign has jumped on this as well, pointing to a trademark registration for the Trump Home brand that clearly shows picture frames and other home products that were made in India.
3. Trump hotel items
Trump's chain of luxurious hotels and opulent condos are the crowning achievements of his sprawling empire. When he's not going ballistic on Twitter at 3am like a jealous ex, or railing about how the Republican establishment has hung him out to dry, he's constantly boasting about all of his fabulous hotels.
Report Advertisement
The only problem is that virtually all of his hotel items are made in China and Taiwan.
4. Trump beverages
Nothing quenches one's thirst quite like having to drink something with the Trump label emblazoned across it. I'm referring of course to Trump Natural Spring Water, which is served at Trump hotels, restaurants and golf clubs. Believe it or not, Trump water comes from New York or Vermont, and is bottled in New York.
However, the same can't be said about the hilariously failed Trump Vodka.
Trump Vodka was manufactured at a distillery in the Netherlands, but the distribution company stopped carrying it in 2010. An Israeli company continued to carry Trump Vodka, although the version sold in Israel is different from the original Trump Vodka. The Trump Vodka produced and sold in Israel is made from ingredients that make it kosher for Passover, which made it a popular beverage around the holidays. However, the Jerusalem Post reported that none of the ingredients were actually kosher.

Tony Adamo's Tribute to Effie Harris


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

Tony Adamo Recording With Roger Smith of Tower of Power

In Roger Smith's Recording Studio with Tony Roc Adamo, Kyron and Flip Kirby & Andrew Fowler...fun afternoon in Sacramento, CA. ðŸŽ¼ðŸ˜ŽðŸ“¸ðŸŽ¹ðŸ¥ðŸŽ§

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Beat Generation (1950) page on FB has censured my art/Tony Adamo

The Beat Generation (1950) page on FB has censured my art because the word BEATNIK was in the headline for the backdrop of my art. This is a affront to me and the free thinking artists who are poets, writers, and musicians of this world. I am not hip to the fact that the moderator of The Beat Generation has censured my art. The beat generation has posted many of my graphic art works in the past. But now because of the word BEATNIK I am censured and kicked off the Beat Generation and not allowed to post in the future. This shows me that the Beat Generation moderator does not have a full grasp and is not hip to the history of the Beat Generation. The follow quote provides illumination into clarification of the Beatnik to Beat Generation.
"The Beatnik counter culture was a revolutionary time for music and literature. There is a common stereotype that Beatniks where nothing more than a higher echelon of hippies with few aspirations outside of sex and drugs. Despite some truth in those stereotypes, the Beat Generation actively shaped North American culture."
Orange County Reverb, January 7, 2013
"Kirpal Gordon Tony Roc Adamo: lord/son, lad: the pic is so compelling w/ the figures in red (& the flag) against that silly headline in dark black w. NYPD face peeking through. yr pic is not just about art & artists---it IS art! i am not sure why anyone wld object to the word beatnik as that was the shorthand back then. i never thought of AG, his dad OR taylor mead as beatniks; they are all too old & too real. maynard g. krebs, a TV-invented phenomenon, was a beatnik just like the word beatnik which has nuttin to do w/ JK's beatific experience. stay strong & kleep making work like this---& in the recording studio! happy INDEPENDENCE day!"
If you have been censured by TBG in the past please post your experience on my FB page. A most hip thank you.

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Beat Generation on FB has censored my art/Tony Adamo

The Beat Generation on FB has censored my art.Yo Dave, this art is not about the Beatniks. It's about Allen Ginsberg and his father and Taylor Mead. You just don't get. It's beat art. You R imposing censorship on my beat art

Saturday, July 1, 2017

encounter with traffic lights/TonyAdamO/the art is not Photo shopped

fight for women's rights and equality/toNYADAmo

jb on a graffiti wall/toNyadAMO

Real Gone Baby/TonyAdaMO

Giacomo Gates/Tony Aamo

Fantastic review of "What Time is it?" from Christopher Loudon at JazzTimes. Gates is proud to be in good company with Mark Murphy Jazz Singer and Kurt Elling!
Tony Roc Adamo Yo Mr G, What It B?/Sittin' on time to make time in your time is the time/ Not half time but G time/ What time is It?/ It's Giacomo Gates in jazzo time/

Roc Til' 140th Ave The Bronx Graffiti Wall/TonyADamo/

My Angie A/ Tony Adamo

The New York Voyeur Society/TonyAdaMo

Boom Boom Magic/Tony Adamo

Tony Adamo's What is Hip?

Tony Adamo's What is Hip?
The recording of the song “What is Hip” on Adamo's CD came from a suggestion made by the legendary horn player and Tower of Power co-founder, STEPHEN 'DOC' KUPKA. During a recording session with Adamo , Doc suggested several TOP songs that Tony might want to cover. 
Vocal/Spoken Word Tony Adamo
Drums-Mike Clark
Bass- Richie Goods
Piano-Neal Larsen
Percussion-Bill Summers
Bari Sax-Doc Kupka
Trumpet-Eddie Henderson
Background Vocals-Sandy Griffith/

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Legendary drummer Mike Clark/Tony Adamo

Legendary drummer Mike Clark has been my music producer on three of my CD's/
Miles of Blu/Tony Adamo & The New York Crew/ and the unreleased Tony Adamo & the NY Commission/
Mike The Road Warrior Clark is back on the road.

The Rolling Stone Recording/Tony Adamo

Almost ALL dying people are ‘visited’ by dead friends in their final days/TonyAdAmo

Mike Clark & Tony Adamo/ greasy funk spoken' here

Church Punch/ The End Of Guilt/TonYadAmO

Fuck/Tony Adamo



A most hip thank you to Janine Santana/Tony AdaMo

Jackson Pollock's brother Charles/ToNyadAmO

Friday, June 16, 2017

Tony Adamo & The New York Crew

Tony Adamo & The New York Crew
Michael Wolff Lenny White Mike Clark
Tony Adamo Tim Ouimette Richie Goods

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Submitted CD cover for the band Bebop Complex 50's Jazz Revisited/TonyAdamo

Diz and Ray/Tony Adamo

Wilson Pickett being backed by Jimmy Hendrix New York City May 1966/TonyAdamo

R U sure you R U?/TonyAdamo

Nuns on a break diggin' jazz/Tony Adamo

Roger Smith and Tony Adamo in the recording studio

Roger Smith and Tony Adamo in the recording studio/
Tower of Power musician develops his own wine
Glenn"Doc" Holloway
Tony Adamo is Hip....
In Walked Bud. Miles and Charlie Parker get on the bandstand. Max makes wax and then Lester leaps in. Tony Adamo takes the mike explains it all to you. With a Tower of power vibe and a cool Kerouac sensibility.
Listen to this cat. We need him. Is this Heaven or Camarillo? Better ask Tony. he is on a hip trip and I"m going too.CDBABY

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tony Adamo Roger Smith

Roger Smith/ Singer songwriter/Organ/Tower Of Power
Tony Adamo/ Singer songwriter/spoken word artist/Urbanzonerecords