Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tony Adamo Over 65,000 Downloads


Tony Adamo & Mike Clark on a Tony Adamo Recording session

roarin' graffiti muscle car/Tonyadamo

Geisha Mafia/tonyadamo



General T/Tony Adamo


Bang The Song 57/Tonyadamo

The Mirage Of Two/The Phenomenon Of Truth in Today's World/Tonyadamo

Monday, November 6, 2017

Ayo Roger, You put the Funk-n-Bump in Rain Man. Call ya when ya hit Sacto. Tony Roc Adamo

Ayo Roger, You put the Funk-n-Bump in Rain Man. Call ya when ya hit Sacto.
Tony Roc Adamo
Nu Music From Roger Smith of Tower of Power and Singer/Songwriter Tony Adamo.Record mates on Doc Kupka's Strokeland Records. Tony Adamo's Rain Man/Vocals/Lyrics/Music Featuring: Roger Smith/All Keyboards/Music Arrangment/Music Production Kyron "K-Frost" Kirby/Drums/ Andrew Fowler/Music Engineer

Imagery Techniques While Looking At The Lady In The Moon/Tonyadamo

Hip Hop Greats-n-Graffiti/Tonyadamo

Leather Coat Acid Jazz/tonyadamo


Al "THE HORN" MOLINA/Tonyadamo

SPACE WALK... Finding Your Reincarnation Self/Tonyadamo



Powerful Types of Beliefs In Broken Fragments/Tonyadamo

Nu Wall Graffiti Horns In The Landscape Of Sound/Tony Adamo

Monday, October 30, 2017

This dude has a DOPE flow


(LtoR)Tony Adamo Eddie Henderson Jerry Stucker

Have A hip B-Day Eddie
(LtoR)Tony Adamo Eddie Henderson Jerry Stucker Recording of songs Milestones and Passport/Tony Adamo, Eddie Henderson,Jerry Stucker, San Francisco,Ca

A Higher Vibration In The Three Dimensional Aura Kamasi Washington /Tony Adamo/

A Higher Vibration In The Three Dimensional Aura Kamasi Washington /Tony Adamo/

Bots... and the illusion of a separate self/tonyadamo

Bots... and the illusion of a separate self/tonyadamo

Tony Adamo Sonic Henderson


Photos of Adamo, Kirby, and Smith By Tina Abbaszadeh

Photos of Adamo, Kirby, and Smith By Tina Abbaszadeh

Advanced Sex Bots/Tony Adamo

Advanced Sex Bots Will Soon Be Able To Talk And Think...But Will they Feel The Real??/Tonyadamo


Top Read News In The Last 30 Days/Tony Adamo

Top Read News In The Last 30 Days/

Rain Man MAKE IT RAIN MY WAY Top Downloads

Rain Man
Top Downloads

Friday, October 20, 2017

Rain Man Make It Rain Love My Way Single CDBABY Tony Adamo


Mic Gillette and Skip Mesquite/Tony Adamo

Two of the late Tower of Power greats in Mic Gillette and Skip Mesquite. Both have played on my recordings. Mic wrote all of my horn arrangements. I think about both of them as hip funky swinging cats who blew people's minds in the music they played. Mic and Skip on one of my recording sessions Oakland,CA

Thinking In Color For The First Time/Tony Adamo

Allaboutjazz Top Downloads/Tony Adamo


Into The Sound Holographic/Tonyadamo

Tony Adamo and the New York Crew/CDBABY


"As vocalist, Adamo's exciting, highly-energetic interpretations avoid any faux hip inflections. He swings soulfully heavy , has great rhythmic feel, and injects a soul vaccination across the date. His scripted dialog is powerful in presentation and content . There's no hand or lip jive; the " Vocal hipspokenwords" are performed as dit-dot tight as the horns and infectious rhythms behind him. He channels the "Beat" poets Jack Kerouac and Alan Ginsberg, and modern verbalists, Mark Murphy and Gil Scott-Heron."
-- Nicholas Mondello, Allaboutjazz

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Top Read News In The Last 30 Days On Allaboutjazz/Tony Adamo's Rain Man

Top Read News In The Last 30 Days On Allaboutjazz

Mike Clark Actual Proof/Tony Adamo

Mike Clark has produced three of my CD's and played on many of my songs from my other records.Mike Clark is a true original who never stops reinventing himself.Tony Roc Adamo

Ironically, jazzman Mike Clark will go down in history as the guy who cut one of the slickest funk tracks in history, “Actual Proof.” Recorded in the ’70s with Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, it featured a nimble Clark splitting up running 16th notes around the kit, his snare drum and hats dancing. Blame it on jazz, says Clark: “I stack that stuff up on the funk!” Modern Drummer.

King of Pop With Stevie Wonder on The Board/Tonyadamo

Trump Sex Predator/Tony Adamo

The Wet Bog/Tony Adamo

Tony Adamo Top Downloads Allaboutjazz


Tony Adamo's Rain Man Now on CDBABY


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