Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tony Adamo Tickin' Clock

TICKIN’ CLOCK/Tony Adamo/3/12/2005

Your life is just a tickin’ clock from the day you arrive…….
It’s just an old tickin’ clock…..
Till the day you say good bye…
. Our lives are a tickin’ clock in the hands of time….
And every one we meet is a second gone by…

So move over life train and let me walk on by
I gotta lot of livin’ to do as my tickin’ clock rolls by

Spoken word
You see our lives are just a tickin’ clock with every breath we take
We step away from our past into our future fate
Your whole life is just one hour and your youth was spent in seconds
Now you wish you had years to fight back your tickin’ clock.
AHHHHHH! So I’ve got to say

Ending Bridge:
So move over life train, oh let me walk, let me walk on by
Spoken word

I gotta lot of livin’ to do as my tickin’ clock rolls by

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mark Murphy/Tony Adamo

My 2nd wife at the time and I hung at Mark's pad off of Van Ness Ave in San Francisco. A great man. A great singer.
Tony Roc Adamo

Thank You/Tony Adamo


Yo People

Yo People, Don't be afraid to to speak out against Donald The Pimp Trump. I have musicians friends who will not put trump down in fear that they will not get gigs in the future. Do to the fact that the club owners along with booking agents might be Republicans.