Monday, July 4, 2016

Tony Adamo on Radio Wild Fire Radio
Tony Adamo on Radio Wild Fire
"Hi Tony,
Thanks for uploading this, I just love the energy. Great piece of work(SONIC HENDERSON), we'll include it in the live show next Monday night." RADIO on FIRE
Here in the studio we’re busy getting ready for another edition of re.Lit, tying up all the loose ends for this month’s two hour live transmission of poetry, spoken word and music - and this month we’ll be featuring a number of excellent pieces by the poet Matt Black, recorded on the Radio Wildfire mobile.
There’ll be poetry and music from Ronald Jones with Dave Longoria (USA); poetry from Boris Romaniuk (Canada); dramatic verse from Cynthia Morrison (USA); spoken word and jazz from Tony Adamo(USA); and music from Ben Macnair (UK).
And there’s much more still to be added from cd and the extensive Radio Wildfire archive; plus, who knows what else we may have included by the time Monday night comes around – check our social media for updates.
The show, as always, is presented by poet and performer Dave Reeves and produced by Vaughn Reeves with backroom support from Ali McK.
Join us: Monday 4th July from 8.00 pm UK time at

Radio Wildfire is an independent online radio station which blends spoken word, poetry, performance literature, comedy, storytelling, short stories and more with a novel selection of word/music fusion and an eclectic mix of musical styles. broadcasts live 8.00-10.00pm (UK time) on the first Monday of the month.

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