Tuesday, July 19, 2016

STORY ART/ Jazz Walk about/By Tony Adamo

Jazz Walk about/By Tony Adamo
Nu Jazz Vocal Trip Bop Spoken Word
I was a down and totally out jazz musician in the 1970’s who had pawned and lost my jazz horn years before/ Drugs, booze and digging a high where my main gig at the time/ I didn’t need no stinkin horn to get by only the bread from the pawn to get high/ Partying hanging out and the dope life where my walk to the down fall of my so called jazz musician life/ Man that was a very wild and fuzzy time to be alive/ Now dig I’ve been clean and sober for twenty years and even have a college degree/ My past jazz life was long gone or so I thought/ A few days ago I was walkin on E. 116 St. in New York City/ I just happened to pass a pawn shop and in the window along with the scattered items of people’s lives was my jazz horn It had survived/

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