Monday, July 11, 2016

Mama's Swingin Meat Pies/Tony Adamo

Tony Adamo Trip Bop Spoken Word
Mike Clark Drums/
Tim Ouimette Trumpet/
Donald Harrison Alto Sax/
Richie Goods Bass/
Michael Wolff Piano/
Bill Summers Percussion/
MAMA’S Meat Pies Nu Words/Nu CD
Mama’s Meat Pies/Tony Adamo/12/07/2013
Subway fusion’/ dance hall bumpin’
Grinding bodies in a sweaty way
Feel what you want
Cause lovin’ you baby is here to stay
Getting’ with it/and sayin somthin
Out of the kool came the new zounds
ALL KIND OF JAZZ Graffiti all over town
Doin’ the thing MAN
To some cookin vibes/
Straight to the head IN groove TIME/ IT’S HIP TIME
Lay me out man It’s jam time
Ya know the JAZZ IS BRIGHT
Bright syllables in five four time
walkin’ the beat down bourbon st. MAN
Sister is tripin’ n / about her ex / the son of freaky flex
Street corner junkies liein’ bout their lives
Mama makin her meat pies
hipsters teachin" ya how to side step the squares
My passport says Paris France
My feet say hip me to the nearest dance
Romancin’ you baby has got me in a deep trance

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