Tuesday, July 19, 2016

STORY ART/ Jazz Walk about/By Tony Adamo

Jazz Walk about/By Tony Adamo
Nu Jazz Vocal Trip Bop Spoken Word
I was a down and totally out jazz musician in the 1970’s who had pawned and lost my jazz horn years before/ Drugs, booze and digging a high where my main gig at the time/ I didn’t need no stinkin horn to get by only the bread from the pawn to get high/ Partying hanging out and the dope life where my walk to the down fall of my so called jazz musician life/ Man that was a very wild and fuzzy time to be alive/ Now dig I’ve been clean and sober for twenty years and even have a college degree/ My past jazz life was long gone or so I thought/ A few days ago I was walkin on E. 116 St. in New York City/ I just happened to pass a pawn shop and in the window along with the scattered items of people’s lives was my jazz horn It had survived/

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


"Never stop telling about racism in jazz.Who will step forward now?
"On the list of topics most white jazz musicians would rather not be talking about, I think issues of race in jazz fall right behind their parents’ sex lives or when the biopsy results are due back. It’s uncomfortable for all sorts of reasons, which is why most of us choose to avoid getting into it if at all possible. It tends to explode the happy illusion that the jazz scene is a harmonious colorblind family where musical achievement is the only metric that matters. If it is discussed, it’s usually among friends in a non-public setting where good faith can be assumed and people can accept some basic facts as givens:" IAN CAREY
that jazz is a music that came out of the African-American community and is a deep part of that culture’s historical identity;
that great respect is due to the black masters who shaped it;
that those masters were on the receiving end of vicious racial animosity for much of the music’s history;
that white musicians unfairly profited from discrimination against black musicians by audiences and the music industry;* but
that white musicians also played a role in the development of the music; and
that America isn’t yet over these wounds, and people, especially musicians, ignore this to their own detriment.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Done In One Take/Music And Ad Lip Spoken Word/Tony Adamo

Done In One Take/Music And Ad Lip Spoken Word
Tony Adamo Vocal Trip Spoken Word
Mike Clark Drums/
Donald Harrison Alto Sax/
Richie Goods Bass/
Michael Wolff Piano/

Mama's Swingin Meat Pies/Tony Adamo


Tony Adamo Trip Bop Spoken Word
Mike Clark Drums/
Tim Ouimette Trumpet/
Donald Harrison Alto Sax/
Richie Goods Bass/
Michael Wolff Piano/
Bill Summers Percussion/
MAMA’S Meat Pies Nu Words/Nu CD
Mama’s Meat Pies/Tony Adamo/12/07/2013
Subway fusion’/ dance hall bumpin’
Grinding bodies in a sweaty way
Feel what you want
Cause lovin’ you baby is here to stay
Getting’ with it/and sayin somthin
Out of the kool came the new zounds
ALL KIND OF JAZZ Graffiti all over town
Doin’ the thing MAN
To some cookin vibes/
Straight to the head IN groove TIME/ IT’S HIP TIME
Lay me out man It’s jam time
Ya know the JAZZ IS BRIGHT
Bright syllables in five four time
walkin’ the beat down bourbon st. MAN
Sister is tripin’ n / about her ex / the son of freaky flex
Street corner junkies liein’ bout their lives
Mama makin her meat pies
hipsters teachin" ya how to side step the squares
My passport says Paris France
My feet say hip me to the nearest dance
Romancin’ you baby has got me in a deep trance

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Chickin Is Wack/Tony Adamo


A HIGH 5 To Radio Wild Fire/Tony Adamo

BTW, I really did like the track( SONIC HENDERSON) and look forward to hearing more of your work. We also got some nice feedback: here's one from a guy in Canada "I'm listening to the live broadcast right now - great inspiring stuff on air! - really dig Matt Black's poems and the jazz track by Tony Adamo."
We'll be in touch.
Dave/Wild Fire Radio/



Monday, July 4, 2016

Tony Adamo on Radio Wild Fire Radio

Tony Adamo on Radio Wild Fire
"Hi Tony,
Thanks for uploading this, I just love the energy. Great piece of work(SONIC HENDERSON), we'll include it in the live show next Monday night." RADIO on FIRE
Here in the studio we’re busy getting ready for another edition of re.Lit, tying up all the loose ends for this month’s two hour live transmission of poetry, spoken word and music - and this month we’ll be featuring a number of excellent pieces by the poet Matt Black, recorded on the Radio Wildfire mobile.
There’ll be poetry and music from Ronald Jones with Dave Longoria (USA); poetry from Boris Romaniuk (Canada); dramatic verse from Cynthia Morrison (USA); spoken word and jazz from Tony Adamo(USA); and music from Ben Macnair (UK).
And there’s much more still to be added from cd and the extensive Radio Wildfire archive; plus, who knows what else we may have included by the time Monday night comes around – check our social media for updates.
The show, as always, is presented by poet and performer Dave Reeves and produced by Vaughn Reeves with backroom support from Ali McK.
Join us: Monday 4th July from 8.00 pm UK time at www.radiowildfire.com

Radio Wildfire is an independent online radio station which blends spoken word, poetry, performance literature, comedy, storytelling, short stories and more with a novel selection of word/music fusion and an eclectic mix of musical styles. www.radiowildfire.com broadcasts live 8.00-10.00pm (UK time) on the first Monday of the month.