Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tony Adamo Vocal Hip Spoken Word

Tony Adamo Vocal Hip Spoken Word/Mike Clark Drums/Tim Ouimette Trumpet/Donald Harrison Sax/Richie Goods Bass/Michael Wolff Piano
A combination of Gil Scott Heron and Maynard G. Krebs — a bohemian wordsmith strongly influenced by Jack Kerouac and the ‘50s beat poets. Adamo’s fifth release features a crack all-star band playing hard bop behind the leader’s ultra-cool monologues, most of which are spoken and a couple, sung. All are laced with terms such as “hip,” “happenin’” and “dig it.” Adamo is like a beatnik who’s arrived 60 years late, but his music really swings and his words celebrate jazz as a kind of urban-life philosophy." - Ed Kopp-Jazziz/Magazine

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