Monday, March 23, 2015


Tony Adamo Jazz Media & Radio Promo

Tony Adamo & Eddie Gale

Dig what the great Eddie Gale says about Tony Adamo & The New York Crew/
"Inner peace Tony. Eddie Gale touchin base with ya. I received the CD TONY ADAMO & THE NEW YORK CREW. Beautiful, really absolutely beautiful. I love the way you told the whole story of every thing that is goin on man. Yah! It's really nice man to bring people up to date what took place in history. You got a good one. Sounds great. Your voice, your understanding, the rhythms, are really nice man and the layout of the CD and the cover and all. It's really outta sight. Much success and thank you for Eddie Gale Blowin High." by Eddie Gale

Monday, March 16, 2015

Some thoughts from Sara Harris, the wife of the late Eddie Harris regarding Tony Adamo's new Cd, TONY ADAMO & THE NEW YORK CREW

Some thoughts from Sara Harris, the wife of the late Eddie Harris regarding Tony Adamo's new Cd, TONY ADAMO & THE NEW YORK CREW/
"Every time I listen to your CD I smile and recall the good old days when Jazz Music was really happening and some of the best musicians were all doing their thing. I will not elaborate on the cats and the hip jazz music that they were playing but I am happy to hear you discussing some of those talented musicians on your CD. I know you did not have time to mention all of the outstanding musicians but I just had to mention Charlie Parker (Bird) Lester Young, Oscar Peterson and Ray Brown. I also have to mention Cedar Walton, pianist, and Ira Sullivan, trumpet player who died at a young age after composing the score for the movie the “French Connection” Cedar and Ira were both in the military with Eddie and the three of them played together while they were in the military at the same time in the Army Band. That is how the three of them became friends. Tony did an excellent version of “Listen Here” “Listen Up” on this CD whereby he gave a brief bio etc. of Eddie Harris.
I have listened to the CD frequently and I find that it contains an excellent combination of excellent jazz music by very talented musicians and the very versatile vocalist Tony Adamo. Tony has sang an excellent choice of vocals on the CD. His songs are very versatile and well chosen . The lyrics were very clever covering many subjects discussing various jazz musicians, how to change from within to improve yourself and others around you as well as other subjects on the CD relating to Jazz. His vocals were well written and the musicians that played with him are excellent musicians.” Sara Harris

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tony Adamo & The New York Crew Urban Zone 2015
"The hipness, swag and epitome of vocal cool all wrapped up in a to go bag! A righteous harmonic journey into the lyrical land of thy rhythm and groove. Old school meets new çool, a cross continental sonic excursion resulting in a beat you feel in your hips but hear with you're feet, this is a real down lyrical throw down!" Bop-N-Jazz

circuit smooth/Art By Adamo

Tony Adamo Recording Session/Raw Recording

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tony Adamo The Hippest of the Hip Vocal Hip Spoken Word Artist

"True hipness is a most elusive substance, consistently pursued, often pretended and rarely captured.  But make no mistake, Tony Adamo is HIP (capital letters demanded) in full evidence on his new Urbanzone Records album Tony Adamo & The New York Crew.  Now we’re not talking about some snap-brim fedora, hipster chic, cool attitude take on hipness – but the real deal.  We’re talking about Miles, Monk and Sonny trading fours after hours at the Five Spot, with Frank and Dino knocking back Jack on the rocks while Kerouac, Ferlinghetti, Lord Buckley and Lenny Bruce riff on the world’s absurdity – that kind of hip.
            On this knockout album, Tony and his Crew deliver what is essentially eleven short films, each one painting a stunningly visual portrait of a fascinating world and some of its most captivating and compelling denizens.  Driven on a soundtrack of explosively spirited and utterly delightful music, the spectacularly imaginative screenplay is depicted through a prism that Tony calls Vocal/HipSpokenWord."
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