Monday, September 14, 2015

Tony Adamo Rodney Franklin Paul Jackson Ernie Watts
Rodney Franklin plays on Tony Adamo's "Hey Lou"
"Adamo swings up front on 'Hey Lou' with persuasive jazz-talk," -- Jim Santella, L.A Jazz Scene
on ‘Hey Lou’ is the mighty tenor man, Ernie Watts and the smoothest of the smooth keyboard wizard, Rodney Franklin.
Tony Adamo's 'Hey Lou',
A true cornucopia of coolness in each genre. I first became quite interested in Adamo's talents after hearing his croonings with funkster/former Herbie Hancock Head Hunter bassist Paul Jackson on "Hey Lou." Impressive is an understatement. His stylish and signature vibrato-tinged voice adds a truly bright dimension to all he endeavors to set to song. With Mike Clark, Bill Summers,Rodney Franklin and Erine Watts.

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