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Tony Adamo Thanks The Radio & Review Community For Diggin' My Cuts

Tony Adamo And The New York Crew Thank You!


August 19, 2015

To: Listings/Critics/Features
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Press Contact: Jim Eigo,

Tony Adamo And The New York Crew
Thank You!

Legendary Drummer Mike Clark Produces Tony Adamo’s New CD
“MIKE CLARK gained worldwide recognition as one of America’s foremost jazz and funk drummers while playing with Herbie Hancock’s group in the early 1970’s. Mike became known as a major innovator through his incisive playing on Hancock’s THRUST album, which garnered him an international cult following.” (Drumworld) Clark has produced three CDs for Adamo. The first CD is the highly acclaimed "MILES OF BLU" (Random Act Records).  The second CD, TONY ADAMO & THE NEW YORK CREW (Urbanzone Records) now receiving five star music reviews. This music album is climbing the Jazz Week Charts.  Adamo’s third CD with Mike Clark has already been recorded with Mike LeDonne and Jack Wilkins with Clark at the helm again as producer. This new CD is scheduled for release in 2016. The personal on Tony Adamo & The New York Crew: Tony Adamo: vocals, hipspokenword; Mike Clark: drums; Donald Harrison: alto saxophone; Tim Ouimette: trumpet; Michael Wolff: piano; Richie Goods: bass; Lenny White: drums; Bill Summers: percussion; Jean C. Santalis: guitar.

What The Press Is Saying
"Tony Adamo and the New York Crew is a romp—a fascinating and swinging vision seen through the hippest and most talented of Ray-Bans. Double dig?

"Tony & th’ players definitely know how to convey that PHONK & keep it from ever draggin’ ya’ down (no matter how blues it gets); my personal favorite, to be sure! Tony’s GOT that soul & ain’t afraid to pass it on to ya’…. I give him a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) of 5.00… which means it also get the “PICK” of this YEAR for “best hip jazz

"For this album Tony and his Crew deliver what is essentially eleven short films, each one painting a stunningly visual portrait of a fascinating world and some of its most captivating and compelling denizens. Driven on a soundtrack of explosively spirited and utterly delightful music, the spectacularly imaginative screenplay is depicted through a prism that Tony Adamo calls Vocal/HipSpokenWord

Tony Adamo On Stephen 'Doc" Kupka's Strokeland jazz
Doc Kupka is a founding member of the band Tower of Power
Once again, Tony Adamo turned to legendary drummer MIKE CLARK (Headhunters) to produce his latest release, and assembled a truly heavyweight lineup of jazz musicians for the project. The new release, TONY ADAMO & THE NEW YORK CREW features Tony tastefully interweaving his trademark style, " Vocal HipSpokenWord", with some of the deepest jazz tracks you'll hear anywhere.
The ensemble is Tony Adamo - nu jazz vocal/hipspoken word, Mike Clark - drums, Lenny White - drums, Michael Wolff - piano, Tim Ouimette -trumpet, Richie Goods, bass, Bill Summers - Percussion, and Donald Harrison - alto sax.
Open your mind and give it a listen!

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