Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tony Adamo JazzLine International/UK

New Music Ready To Bang Your Mind
"The vibrant and large scale vocal hip spoken word sound on Tony Adamo’s Nu unreleased CD is achieved in a dynamic fashion with producer/drummer, Mike Clark bringing together the full throttled sound of mighty players to include: Lenny White, Michael Wolff, Donald Harrison, Richie Goods, Tim Ouimette, Bill Summers and JC Santalis? Adamo’s unique music is built upon Tim Ouimette’s jazz-popin’ arrangements with Clark, Wolff and Ouimette writing the music to his lyrics. Adamo’s vocal delivery and hip spoken word is like no other. He has coined a new way of sayin’ somethin’. It is a new music vocal vibe interlaced with a spoken word sound track for your mind. Call it Soul of Jazz or Nu-Vocal Hip Spoken Word as Adamo calls it. It is new, monster fresh and for real.”
JazzLine International/UK

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