Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Nu Dimension In Jazz Speak/By Adamo

Tony Adamo Looking For

Looking for Jazz Funk Organ or Piano Trio

Tony Adamo, recording artist and CEO at Urbanzone Records
has recorded extensively with:

1. Mike Clark/Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters
2. Michael Wolff past music director of the Arcinal Hall show
3. Richie Goods now on tour with Chris Botti

Looking for comparable musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area for west coast gigs and rehearsals. Must be jazz funk organ or piano trio.
Work and rehearsals will be for west coast only. Adamo uses Mike Clark and Michael Wolff on the east coast. Mike Clark is Tony Adamo's music producer. In July of this year Adamo finished recording his new CD with: Mike Clark, Lenny White, Michael Wolff, Donald Harrison. Richie Goods, Bill Summers,Tim Ouimette and JC Santalis

Contact: or Tony Adamo on his LinkedIn page

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tony Adamo @#2 in top 100 rankings/Jazz Pros

Tony Adamo @#2 in top 100 rankings/
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Friday, September 19, 2014

Tony Adamo Shopping Nu-CD


Shopping New Eleven Song CD

· All is ready except mastering and artwork

· Music is copyrighted BMI, ASCAP cleared

· One song is cleared by the Harry Fox agency

· Music is produced by legendary drummer Mike Clark of Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters

· Music is mixed by another drumming legend Lenny White from Return to Forever.

· The mighty players to include: Tony Adamo, Lenny White, Michael Wolff, Donald Harrison, Richie Goods, Tim Ouimette, Bill Summers and JC Santalis

· All music and lyrics are original

· Nu-Vocal Jazz Hip spoken word
“Straight up, there is not another vocal artist covering this territory and I am at a loss to think of another that could with this kind of authenticity.” Tony Adamo is the real deal! Brent Black Bop-N-Jazz
Please contact Skip Masters either on Tony Adamo’s LinkedIn page or @

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tony Adamo JazzLine International/UK

New Music Ready To Bang Your Mind
"The vibrant and large scale vocal hip spoken word sound on Tony Adamo’s Nu unreleased CD is achieved in a dynamic fashion with producer/drummer, Mike Clark bringing together the full throttled sound of mighty players to include: Lenny White, Michael Wolff, Donald Harrison, Richie Goods, Tim Ouimette, Bill Summers and JC Santalis? Adamo’s unique music is built upon Tim Ouimette’s jazz-popin’ arrangements with Clark, Wolff and Ouimette writing the music to his lyrics. Adamo’s vocal delivery and hip spoken word is like no other. He has coined a new way of sayin’ somethin’. It is a new music vocal vibe interlaced with a spoken word sound track for your mind. Call it Soul of Jazz or Nu-Vocal Hip Spoken Word as Adamo calls it. It is new, monster fresh and for real.”
JazzLine International/UK

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tony Adamo Bop-N-Jazz

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Taste of Things To Come From Tony Adamo!

A preview of coming attractions!
Tidings of great joy shall be to all people in January of 2015 with the release of the new Tony Adamo recording! This is the perfect storm of a Nu music revolution and Tony Adamo is your vocal master of ceremonies, the lyrical poet laureate to take you to the land of rhythm and groove.
Checking out a couple of advance tracks that found their way to my inbox there is "Gale Blowin' High" a lyrical biography of the great Eddie Gale. Take an opening subtle samba groove and free your mind as the syncopated swing moves to an Afro-Gospel sound that no one can touch. This is the kick off for a Nu music revolution for all people! The band speaks for itself with names including the legendary drummer from the Headhunters Mike Clark along with Lenny White and Michael Wolff but make no mistake, all the musical co-conspirators are bringing it!
Gale Blowin' High - Tony Adamo Nu jazz vocal/hip spoken word/Lyrics by Adamo Lenny White-Drums Tim Ouimette-Trumpet Micheal Wolff-Piano-Music-Mike Clark-Michael Wolff Richie Goods-Bass Bill summers-Percussion Donald Harrison-Alto sax
The second track "Listen Here Listen Up" is a blues infused jazz nasty to blow your mind and feed your soul! This tune is as cool as the other side of pillow! This is pure acid funk, Adamo welcomes you to a new sound, his sound with a band that takes in the pocket to the next dimension of groove. Straight up, there is not another vocal artist covering this territory and I am at a loss to think of another that could with this kind of authenticity. Tony Adamo is the real deal!
Tony Adamo Nu jazz vocal/hip spoken word/Lyrics by Adamo Mike Clark-Drums Tim Ouimette-Trumpet Micheal Wolff-Piano Richie Goods-Bass Bill summers-Percussion Donald Harrison-Alto sax
As a critical mercenary it is my job to hip you to the best of what is available or in this case what is coming! Christmas doesn't end on December 25th fellow babies, Tony Adamo is bringing you a little something the first of the year!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tony Adamo Mike Clark Vince Lateano

Two legendary drummers with nu-vocal jazz/ hip spoken word artist Tony Adamo. Mike Clark(center)on a Tony Adamo recording session. Vince Lateano(left)dropped by to dig the scene. Different Fur Recording San Francisco,Ca
A Pitts Gambino PR Joint

Tony Adamo & Tim Ouimette

"Speaking of Beatniks and Hipsters, Mike Clark just sent me the final mixes of Tony Roc Adamo's new CD with Tony--a maestro of improvised word at its center. Very interesting "nu-jazz" as he calls it. Features Mike, Lenny White also on drums, Richie Goods on bass, Michael Wolff on piano, Donald Harrison on saxophone and myself on trumpet and arrangements. So happy to be in the company of these great musicians. Look for it." Tim Ouimette/9/6/14