Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Lost Tapes/ Tony Adamo & Mark Murphy

The Lost Tapes/ Tony Adamo & Mark Murphy

In the late eighty's Tony Adamo was by day working with explosive at Concord Navel Weapons Station Concord, Ca. By Night he was a up and coming nu-jazz Singer-songwriter in the San Francisco bay area.As luck would have it. Mark Murphy and Adamo's paths crossed. Adamo started working with Murphy on vocal interpretation of song and scat singing. They became friends.A recording session came up for Adamo at Dave Austin's Diamond Audio Studio's in San Francisco.Tony asked Mark Murphy to sing and scat on a couple of songs that Adamo was recording.Murphy said yes.Let the tape roll.On that same recording was Joyce Cooling who went on to Smooth Jazz fame. The recorded songs where never released and have been lost in time. On Allaboutjazz top 200 profiles Adamo has passed the mighty Mark Murphy.You can write Mark Murphy at

Lillian Both Actors Home

155-175 W.Hudson Ave

Inglewood,NJ 07631

A Pitts Gambino PR Joint /The Lost Tapes/ Tony Adamo & Mark Murphy

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