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Tony Adamo's "What is Hip' @#22 in Top 25 for Top MP3 downloads/Lasvegasweekly

Vocal/Hipspoken'Word Artist Tony Adamo @#22 in Top 25 for Top MP3 downloads/Lasvegasweekly Tony Adamo's "What is Hip' @#22 in Top 25 for Top MP3 downloads for the week ending March 29/ "What is Hip" Song Lineup What Is Hip? (S Kupka, E Castillo, D Garibaldi - Bob-A-Lew Songs ASCAP) Vocal/Hipspokenword - Tony Adamo Drums - Mike Clark Bass - Richie Goods Piano - Neil Larsen Guitar - Jerry Stucker Percussion - Bill Summers Bari Sax - Stephen Doc Kupka Trumpet - Eddie Henderson Background Vocals - Sandy Griffith Midi Programming - Jerry Stucker Full song of Tony Adamo's What is Hip? The recording of the song "What is Hip" on Adamo's new CD came from a suggestion made by the legendary horn player and Tower of Power co-founder, STEPHEN 'DOC' KUPKA. During a recording session with Adamo Doc suggested several TOP songs that Adamo might want to cover. http://www.lasvegasweekly... Top MP3 downloads - Las Vegas Weekly More Information:

Friday, March 29, 2013

Artists - Eddie Gale

Recording period between 1966-1969 Having developed his skills amongst the cream of New York's hard bop players, Eddie Gale helped ring in jazz's controversial new thing during the 1960s and 1970s on a series of influential releases. His inspired trumpet playing graced Cecil Taylor's Unit Structures, Larry Young's Of Peace and Love and a series of recordings and performances with Sun Ra's Arkestra. He also cut a pair of under-acknowledged soul-jazz influenced albums as a leader for Blue Note at the end of the '60s. Born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1941, Eddie Gale experienced the world of jazz firsthand through the borough's community of jazz musicians. The great bebop pianist Bud Powell lived nearby and occasionally stopped outside the young musician's house to hear him practice. Gale received lessons from trumpeter Kenny Dorham and before long was sitting in on jam sessions with the likes of drummers Art Blakey and Max Roach and saxophonists Illinois Jacquet, Sonny Stitt, and Jackie McLean. During these years, Gale absorbed the styles of the trumpet greats from pioneers like Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie to hard bop practitioners like Donald Byrd, Lee Morgan, and Freddie Hubbard. Though these musicians made a lasting impression, Gale came of age during the dawn of jazz's new thing. John Coltrane's 1965 album Ascension heralded the arrival of a new generation of players like Eric Dolphy, Archie Shepp, Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor, and Pharoah Sanders. The new sounds made a strong impression on the young musician. Though he never recorded with the great tenor saxophonist, Gale had the privilege of sharing the stage with Coltrane on a number of occasions. In the early '60s, Gale (then in his early twenties) was introduced to composer, keyboardist, and intergalactic bandleader Sun Ra. Gale toured and recorded with Ra's Arkestra throughout the '60s and '70s and remained in touch with Ra until his death in 1993. Ra's perplexing tutelage extended from practical musical instruction to lessons on subjects like Egyptology, Phonetics, and Hieroglyphics. Gale's trumpet can be heard on the Arkestra's 1965 recording Secrets of the Sun. The year that followed was a major breakthrough for Gale. Cecil Taylor brought the trumpeter on board for the recording of the pianist's classic Blue Note debut Unit Structures. As a part of a seven-piece ensemble, Gale played alongside alto saxophonist Jimmy Lyons, bassist Henry Grimes, and drummer Andrew Cyrille: some of the finest proponents of the developing free jazz. Following the date with Taylor, Gale joined organist Larry Young's group for the recording of Of Love and Piece. Besides having a direct impact on his developing sound, the recordings won the trumpeter an admirer in Blue Note co-founder Francis Wolff, who funded the release of Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music (1968) and Black Rhythm Happening (1969). For the sessions, Gale assembled a sextet and nonet respectively, the latter of which included the great Coltrane drummer Elvin Jones and the soprano saxophone of Jimmy Lyons. On both dates, the ensemble was joined by an 11-piece vocal group dubbed the Noble Gale Singers. Combining the bebop and hard bop of his early teachers, the avant-garde sensibilities acquired from Taylor and the soul-jazz fire of Young, Gale's music expertly bridged the gap between long-standing jazz traditions and the newer styles that attempted to shatter them. Unfortunately, with the transition of Blue Note into the hands of Liberty records, Gale's contract was not renewed, thus ending a potentially fruitful partnership. At the start of the '70s, Gale headed for the West Coast where he eventually settled, connecting with a community of musicians in and around the California Bay Area. Following a brief stint as Artist in Residence at Stanford University, the trumpeter took the same position at the university in San Jose. As a result of his work within the city's musical community, Mayor Norm Mineta proclaimed Gale San Jose's Ambassador of Jazz in 1974. Gale continued to perform and record with Sun Ra during the decade, playing on a series of late-'70s albums including Lanquidity, The Other Side of the Sun (both 1978), and On Jupiter (1979). Though the trumpeter released few of his own albums in the decades that followed, his creative spirit remained undiminished. In the 1990s, Gale formed the Inner Peace Jazz Orchestra which performed at the Concert for World Peace. Helping to bring jazz into the 21st century, the trumpeter made numerous appearances with Oakland hip-hop outfit the Coup, whereby Gale's trumpet could be heard engaging with the music's breakbeats and turntables. ~ Nathan Bush

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tony Adamo Digs SUN RA

Random Act Artist Tony Adamo. Pays tribute to Sun Ra on his "Miles of Blu" CD. With the song "Sun Ra rockets To Mars." Random Act Records

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Scott Yanow reviews Tony Adamo

The Song MILES OF BLU/ Tony Adamo's Miles of Blu CD Tony Adamo, best known as a soulful singer in the vein of Dr. John, Ray Charles and Mose Allison who loves Tower of Power and the Headhunters, performs a tribute to jazz on his popular “9 Miles Of Blu.” The performance gives listeners an idea what rap might have sounded like if it had stuck to storytelling and de-emphasized endless rhymes. Actually this performance, which has Adamo serving as a narrator over several uptempo straight ahead grooves played by guitarist Steve Homan, and Mike Clark on drums, is not only a throwback to Gil-Scott Heron in the 1970s but to Louis Jordan in the 1940s. Adamo talks about the excitement of jazz, and wanting to be part of that world. He pays a brief verbal tribute to such notables as Monk, Miles, Trane, Diz, Bird, Lou Donaldson, Jimmy Smith and others. Throughout Tony Adamo’s fast talking and his colorful words, the excitement of jazz is conveyed, making listeners want to check out some of the greats from both past times and today’s jazz scene. Scott Yanow, author of ten books including Bebop, Trumpet Kings, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record 1917-76
Others, like Gil Scott-Heron, Mark Murphy and legions of rappers, have recognized the power of the almighty Word. Some have been hip, some sung, some said, but none have the musical import and impact of Tony Adamo’s artistry. Random Act Records

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Music Review of Tony Adamo's song JB(James Brown) Random Act Records

Another jazzy spoken-hop tour through the musical past—this time dedicated to James Brown. Tony Adamo, who seems to have become the undisputed heavyweight historian and champion of all things jazzy and funky, here spends only about a third of the song doing his uniquely usual thang: spoken-word-scatting on the significance and greatness of The Hardest Working Man in Show Biz. And just when you think maybe Adamo ought not ot be singing—Gotta get up! Gotta get up!—the strength and the passion—always an infectious passion, which is the key to Adamo—bursts through on “Weeellll!” And then Adamo graciously steps off, giving the spotlight up, first to guitarist Steve Homan, who lays down an especially jazzy riff (while his bandmates keep up the JB references underneath) and second to organ master Delbert Bump. Bump’s solo takes up a good half of “JB”—a really good, very impressive, and super mellifluous song. The line up for JB. Tony Adamo Vocal/Hipspokenword-wrote lyrics Mike Clark-Drums Trumpet,Trombone-Tim Ouimette Bass-Richie Goods Bari Sax-Bill Harris Organ-Delbert Bump Guitar-Steve Homan Devon Jackson has written about music and film for a variety of publications from Entertainment Weekly and The Vill

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Tony Adamo's Music Producer Mike Clark @#15 On Jazzweek Chart

Website: Tony Adamo's Music Producer Mike Clark @#15 on Jazzweek Chart Wolff & Clark — Expedition/ Hold strong @#15. Michael Wolff- Mike Clark/ Chart break down on Jazz week. Mike Clark produces Random Act Records Vocal/Hipspoken' Word Artist Tony Adamo. Adamo's Miles of Blu out May 15/13 JazzWeek CD Releases

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Legendary Drummer Mike Clark Grooves With Hammond B3 Organist"CT" Thompson

Website: Legendary drummer Mike Clark is cooken' up a musical storm these days. The Wolff & Clark Expedition on Random Act Records is @#15 on the Jazzweek jazz charts. Clark is the music producer and drummer on Tony Adamo's MILES OF BLU CD. Adamo is a new vocal/hipspoken word artist on Random Act Records. Adamo's CD is set to hit the streets on May 15, 2013. Mike Clark shares the drumming duties with Brian Collier and Ron E. Beck on Chester "CT" Thompson's MIXOLOGY CD on Doodlin' Records. Hammond B3 organist"CT" Thompson is of Carlos Santana and Tower of Power fame. The March issue of Down Beat Magazine gives MIXOLOGY four out of five stars. Mike Clark is on the road this month with the Wolff & Clark Expedition. Another Double Left Hook PR Gig, New York City NY

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Tony Adamo Music by Mike Clark & Tim Ouimette

Words by Tony Roc Adamo Music by Mike Clark & Tim Ouimette- Song is about Mike Clark with mention of Paul Jackson. Both of Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters

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The Wolff & Clark Expedition on Jazzweek's Jazz Charts @#16

The Wolff & Clark Expedition/l Michael Wolff Mike Clark. Are still on Jazzweek's Jazz Charts @#16.The Wolff & Clark Expedition are on Random Act records. Mike Clark produces Random Act Records Artist Tony Adamo's music. Are still on Jazzweek's Jazz Charts @#16.The Wolff & Clark Expedition are on Random Act records. Mike Clark produces Random Act Records Artist Tony Adamo's music.

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Tony Adamo Vocal/Hipspoken- Word-Random Act Records

"TONY ADAMO has created a unique genre: "HipSpokenWord." Built on the wisdom of musical wizards like Gil-Scott Heron, Mark Murphy, Jack Kerouac and hip/hop master rappers, Tony speaks the Truth through his poetic musings."

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tony Adamo A Funky Good Time/Random Act Records

"The Grooves are infectious, the moods evocative, the music sizzling and the words - HIP! "MILES OF BLU" takes listeners on a swinging journey, culminating in a funky good time!"

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Tony Adamo Miles of Blu

"The grooves are infectious, the moods evocative, the music sizzling and the words-HIP!" Random Act Records

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WOLFF & CLARK EXPEDITION Michael Wolff, Piano Mike Clark, Drums/Are @# 10 on the Jazz Charts. WOLFF & CLARK EXPEDITION are on Random Act Records/ Mike Clark is the music producer on Tony Adamo's Miles of Blu CD on Random Act Records/Michael Wolff plays on Miles of Blu. Can you dig it?

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Tony Adamo Vocal HipSpokenWord Artist Random Act Records

New York, NY (Top40 Charts/ Urbanzone Records) On his latest effort, and debut recording for Random Act Records, TONY ADAMO has created a unique genre: "HipSpokenWord." Built on the wisdom of musical wizards like Gil-Scott Heron, Mark Murphy, Jack Kerouac and hip/hop master rappers, Tony speaks the Truth through his poetic musings.