Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tony Adamo Mike Clark Bill Summers

Vocal/hip-spoken' word artist Tony Adamo. Will be co-produced by Mike Clark & Bill Summers of Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters.

A highly accomplished musician, percussionist, and ethnomusicologist, Bill Summers has performed and recorded with Joe Zawinul, Dianne Reeves, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, and George Benson, in addition to his various solo projects. He maintains a deep commitment to world music through his personal study with ethnic masters, as demonstrated through his deft ability on a variety of instruments. Summers’ awareness of African heritage is evident in his work with Quincy Jones on the musical score for Roots and the soundtrack for The Color Purple. He formed the fantastic Latin/jazz hybrid Los Hombres Calientes in 1998, co-founded with trumpet prodigy Irvin Mayfield in New Orleans. Los Hombres have recorded three albums, toured the world, and have been nominated for a Grammy.
Mike Clark, a seasoned and versatile musician, began playing in Oakland, CA where he was instrumental in creating the “East Bay Funk” sound. His groundbreaking work on the Headhunters Thrust album drew attention to his singular style, elevating him to international cult status. Clark has performed and recorded with a diverse range of artists including Wayne Shorter, Charlie Hunter, Chet Baker, Gil Evans, Joe Henderson, Tony Bennett, and Mose Allison. In 2000, Clark formed his own super-group Prescription Renewal, releasing the highly acclaimed Actual Proof. He launched a successful tour in 2002 selling out venues in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and New Orleans. The touring lineup included young lions such as Charlie Hunter, Karl Denson, and DJ Logic.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


 A mighty thanks goes out to Visions With Voices.
Tony Adamo

Hear Tony Adamo's tribute to Jimmy Smith and some of the all time jazz/funk greats who played the Hammond B3. As read by Visions With Voices spoken word collective
A Pitts Gambino PR Joint

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tony Adamo On The Final Best of 2013 List for!

Tony Adamo On The Final Best of 2013 List for!
1. Marc Carey - For The Love Of Abbey (2)
2. Hristo Vitchev - Rhodopa (3)
3. Tony Adamo - Miles Of Blu
4. Perry Beekman - So In Love
5. On Impulse - Ten Minutes In Paris
6. The SoHo Rentals
7. Antonio Sanchez - New Life
8. Antonio Adolfo - Finus Mixtures
9. Utopian Dreams Band - From Dreams To You
10. Rotem Sivan - Enchanted Sun
11. Noah Haidu - Momentum
12. Nilson Matta - Black Orpheus
13. Francesco Cataldo - Spaces
14. Adam Rongo - Tell Your Story
15. Tim Berne's Snakeoil - Shadowman
16. Ivo Perelman - The Gift (5)
17. Steve Cole - Pulse
18. Ana Mai - Blossom
19. Roberto Vally - Boom Boom Boom
20. Al Di Meola - All Your Life
21. Kyle Eastwood - The View From Here
22. Chuck Loeb - Silhouette
23. Bill McBirnie Trio - Find Your Place
24. Tom Dempsey - Saucy
25. Gregg Kalor - A Single Noon
26. Bart Brandjes - Real Life
27. Nicolas Bearde - Visions 28. Tom Harrell - Colors Of A Dream 29. Shlomi Cohen - Breather 30. Michel Camillo - What's Up'
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