Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tony Adamo Tower Of Power Radio Playlist

Website:[...] Cheyenne Running Bear/Broken Arrow PR Publication, NY NY Tony Adamo, a Random Act Records (RAR) Artist owes a huge debt to legendary horn player and Tower of Power co-founder, Stephen 'Doc' Kupka for taking on Adamo's STRAIGHT UP DEAL and WHAT IS HIP? CDs for promo and sale on Strokeland Records. With the help of Steve Finch, Strokeland's Director of Operations, Adamo is able to sell his new CD MILES OF BLU(RAR)through Strokeland Jazz. This Tower of Power(TOP)connection has helped Adamo get airplay in tandem with TOP. Listed below are two stations currently playing TOP and Adamo together on June radio playlists. More to follow... WNMC 90.7 FM What is Hip?/What is Hip Tony Adamo Tower of Power still back to back Friday the 21st 03:33pm Slammin All-Body Band Thank You/Just Be Thankful/What Is Hip? Slammin All-Body... B...and Album Jazz 2005 Crosspulse 03:37pm Tony Adamo What Is Hip? J-046 _ Miles of Blu Album Jazz 6/15/2013 2013 Random Act 03:42pm Tower of Power What Is Hip? Tower of Power Album Jazz + 1973 Warner Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist - Monday, June 03, 2013 – 11 am - 2 pm Pacific Streaming 24/7 – Live Broadcasts Monday through Friday Tony Adamo / Don’t Change Horses / Miles Of Blu (Random Act) Tower Of Power / Don’t Change Horses / Back To Oakland (WB) Tony Adamo & Tower of Power can also be heard on HornDriven Radio

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