Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tony Adamo Reviewed By Scott Yanow

Website: http://randomactrecords.com/ TONY ADAMO Miles Of Blu Random Act Records Tony Adamo in his musical career has always expressed his love for funk, funky jazz, Tower Of Power and the Headhunters. While he has been a soulful r&bish singer who at times has recalled Dr. John, Ray Charles and Mose Allison, Miles Of Blu is something different. In addition to his singing, much of the time he is talking in what he calls "hipspokenword." Adamo's fast talking is not really rapping since he tells stories rather than endlessly indulging in rhymes. Among the 14 pieces on Miles Of Blu are selections that pay tribute to James Brown ("JB"), discovering jazz in a nightclub ("Miles Of Blu"), soul jazz and Jimmy Smith ("Funkin' At The Chicken Shack"), Jack Kerouac's love of jazz ("Jack Kerouac, Jack!") and Sun Ra ("Sun Ra Rockets To Mars"). There is also a look at today's political situation ("America R We Free"), good times ("BBQ") and his philosophy of life ("Ticking Clock") plus a few transformation of Tower Of Power songs (most notably "Soul Vaccination" and "What Is Hip?.") He is touching in his biographical references to Mike Clark on ("The Other Side Of Time".) Tony Adamo's voice is joined by a funky backup group that features some solos from Tim Ouimette (on trumpet and trombone), organist Delbert Bump, guitarists Steve Homan, Danny Draher and Tom Guarna, tenor-saxophonist Rob Dixon, and lpianist Michael Wolff. The rhythm section is propelled by legendary drummer Mike Clark who is also the CD's producer. Miles Of Blu casts Tony Adamo in a role similar to Gil-Scott Heron or Oscar Brown Jr. (who he sounds a bit like on "Don't Change Horses"), a commentator on today's music scene and the world in general. It makes for a thought-provoking and always funky ride. Scott Yanow, author of 11 books on jazz including The Great Jazz Guitarists

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