Monday, June 17, 2013

Tony Adamo / The Hipsters Hip Reviews

Tony Adamo / The Hipsters Hip Reviews . Giacomo Amari/ Another PR gig, NY NY Website: Bill Harris Says this about “Miles of Blu” “First of all let me say how much I love the CD and I'm very proud to have been a part of it! It is one of the coolest and hippest projects I've ever been involved with. Such great, fresh takes on the TOP tunes. My brother played with them for a bit and all us horn players grew up listening to their stuff but I really enjoy where you went with them. I listen to the tracks all the time. You can be sure I'm gonna be telling all my friends to get Miles of Blu! Good luck!” "I was really knocked out by Bill Harris’ cd and his playing on’s a very welcome fresh approach to a saxophone record, and I hope a lot of people get to hear it—they will not be disappointed.” Dave Koz - grammy nominated saxophonist and syndicated radio show host Mike Clark Says This “Tony Adamo is one of the more interesting artists that I have worked with in years. His deep blues, Oakland style funk and jazz roots are locked in at a deep emotional level. In the tradition of Kerouac, Mark Murphy and Gil Scot, Tony is today's spoken word artist. He addresses the issues he feels strong about unapologetically with his own twist on the past, present and the future. Tony's funky street smart sensibilities and great sense of humor takes us on an adventure that we cant wait to go on. I played and produced this CD and it was a joy to be a part of it To.” “Renowned Drummer MIKE CLARK is a percussion innovator: His work with Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters revolutionized funk drumming. As a Jazz warrior, Mike has appeared with players such as Vince Guaraldi, Chet Baker, Joe Henderson, Donald Harrison, Randy Brecker and more. His peerless beats are among the most-sampled in the hip/hop world.” – Random Act Records Tim Ouimette Digs ‘Miles of Blu” “We musicians that have all played a million gigs, recorded hundreds of times and let it all seep in over the years forming our "persona", musically aged far beyond our time mostly from the tedium of mediocrity ---gigs that keep the landlord off of our tail--- are genuinely in search of being involved with something new, fresh, hip and beyond category. When Mike Clark asked me to be involved with Tony Adamo's new project, I gave a listen to his previous CDs and some current tracks "in the works" and was convinced that we were onto just such a "Hip-Holy-Grail". Tony's perspective informs these cuts with elements of the beat poets, Lenny Bruce, jazz from the '60's, East Bay Funk and the complete list of everything I ever dug. He paints aural portraits that compliment the music and vice versa. Giacomo Amari/ Another PR gig, NY NY Mike Clark, the perfect choice for producer/drummer and all round groove guru. guided the entire process and makes sure we do not stray from the earthy, bluesy feel that grounds it all. In short, if I didn't work on this, I'd be jealous of the guy that did. Tim Ouimette,” New York City Playing Credits: Iggy Pop,Lenny White,Mike Clark,Ben E. King,Ray Barretto, Chico O’farrill, Ray Charles/Trumpet,Trombone, Arranger, Engineer. Brent Black @CriticalJazz "Sort of a deconstructed Miles Davis Birth Of The Cool amped up to the new millennium. Adamo is much in the same way as Miles, a visionary."

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