Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vocal/ Hipspoken' Word Artist Tony Adamo is on Scott Elias Random Act Records.

Pittsburgh area native Scott Elias played keyboards in clubs five and six nights a week in high school. But in his mid-20s, he moved into film. His long credits include location manager on The Rainmaker, Nell and My Cousin Vinny and co-producer or associate producer on Hugh Grant’s Music and Lyrics and Sandra Bullock’s Miss Congeniality 2 and Two Weeks Notice. “The film side took over from the music side.” In Orlando since 1998 — his wife, Anna, is from Ormond Beach — he relies on film work for his main source of income, but music is making a comeback. Last year, he and Anna founded Random Act Records to bring jazz musicians such as UCF professor Jeff Rupert to a wider audience. The label name derives from “random acts of kindness” — a 10% “artistic tithe” goes to non-profits. Label artists have made top 10 and top 50 jazz charts. Anna, 45, actor Don Johnson’s assistant on “Miami Vice” before becoming an award-winning short-film maker, created film company Random Acts Entertainment with Scott, 52, in 2008. They hope to shoot Bones of the Master, based on author George Crane’s account of his unlikely journey with a Buddhist monk returning to China. “Now I’m the guy who goes to investors and says, ‘I need $40 million for this.

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