Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tony Adamo/ Great come back from Shaunna from Jazzdog promotions on my comment.

Hello Tony (and everyone): some notes on all the data everywhere (for the reality we have today, for whatever folks make of it): A quick JazzWeek note/shout out - Ed Trefzger (who also maintains the JPL) works hard to make sure spin data for all stations is compiled accurately there - and that isn't his only job. JPL posts do not reflect the substance of everything seen on JazzWeek. Anything posted on the JPL is a nice supplement that hundreds and hundreds of JPL subscribers can see. - JazzWeek and CMJ are the most definitive lists of cd's that are being actually being played on Jazz radio. - Everything on the JazzWeek and CMJ charts is being played on stations. That is why those recordings are on the chart. If stations are hardly giving airplay, why are those recordings on the chart? - As to who is reporting to the chart, there is a directory of all reporters in the Station Directory on the JazzWeek website. Anyone can access it. Can't remember if a public directory for CMJ is available... - As to who is actually playing cd's -- the wide majority of JazzWeek/CMJ reporting stations who also post their playlist information to the JPL are few. Posting anything to the JPL is secondary, since they have already done the work submitting data to JazzWeek and CMJ. Again, any JPL posting is secondary, and not done by a wide majority of stations. - Promoters pay money to JazzWeek/CMJ to access all the fine little bits of data, which are many, including who is playing/reporting cd's, and frequency. All promoters also sift through playlists to see who is playing cd's. There is a lot of data management. JazzWeek/CMJ charts are an extremely valuable piece of the airplay puzzle, and the best tangible measure, but there is more outside the charts. It takes a long time to do. - All data reflected on the charts is only from data reported to JazzWeek/CMJ directly by stations. - The majority of stations that report to JazzWeek/CMJ make a really, really good effort to submit reports, and it is work. (Thank you, programmers!) Those programmers reporting to JazzWeek/CMJ have to carve out a chunk of their work time in order to report everything. Sometimes folks run out of time. It happens. It doesn't mean people don't care or the music isn't being played. Note again that posting anything to the JPL is secondary, since they have already done the work once. - MD's/PD's don't/can't always report their spin data to JazzWeek/CMJ, which affects the hard data we all see on the charts -- that doesn't reflect ALL of the airplay actually being received. Nothing is perfect. - The cd you mention is doing very well, and I see some fantastic, important stations and syndicators playing it that never post anything to the JPL, but have done the work to make sure everything is reported to JazzWeek. That is why it is on the chart. Please note for future posts: I do want to point out one line in your message: "Lets Get hip to Wolff & Clark Expedition who are @#13 on the JazzWeek Top 50 Jazz Chart." - The JPL is not a forum to promote new music at all, neither for promoters nor artists/labelmates (as yourself). That should be respected. Random Act puts out some fine, fine work. I don't know who is promoting Random Act cd's right now, but I'm sure they are doing a good job promoting good music. That's the word. We're all in this thing for the love of the music. Keep the jazz going, all! Be well. -Shaunna Jazzzdog Promotions (412) 600-5329 jazzzdog@me.com

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