Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tony Adamo Doc Kupka Mike Clark

Tony Adamo
Funk icon Stephen "Doc" Kupka (co-founder of Tower of Power) and legendry drummer Mike Clark(Headhunters) will be at Nacund Sound recording with Strokeland Record artist Tony Adamo, Mike Clark producing.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tony Adamo says Don't Cry For The N.B.A.


That's What I'm Talkin' Bout

It's bad enough that the nation's jobless rate is 9.7%. But the real national employment rate is even higher than the U.S. Department of Labor's figure shows. Can you dig 16% or higher. With that in mind it's damn hard for me to get hip to what the N.B.A. players want. Under an equity arrangement,players would give up some money that is now guaranteed. That's right. Talkin' bout give it up or turn it loose.How bout the N.B.A. guarantee that for every home game played. The players will donate money in there home city to help feed the poor. Makin' 2.5 million comeing off the bench to play 3 min in a N.B.A. game. and maybe not play at all. Is sick. The N.B.A. needs a drastically different approach.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo reviewed by

Rating: Four out of Five

Vocalist Tony Adamo’s new CD, What Is Hip?, is a funkified and deeply rhythmic locked affair with some of the best musicians of the day. Put together by master guitarist and producer Jerry Stucker, this horn-laden album reminds one of the early days of Tower Of Power (TOP) brought up to date by modern sensibilities. Some of the big names assisting Adamo include master drummer Steve Gadd, percussionist and Headhunter Bill Summers, trumpeters Mic Gillette, Henry Hung, and Eddie Henderson, as well as TOP bari saxophone soul man Stephen “Doc” Kupka and keyboardist Rodney Franklin.

For those unfamiliar with funk and soul the easiest comparison of this album would be with some of the early work of Boz Scaggs when he was wrapping his vocals within bluesy soul-infected wraps. Add some tastefully arranged horn backgrounds courtesy of Mic Gillette, and the result is sublime excellence.

While funk and rarified soul like this will have a tough time reaching the airwaves, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fantastic recording. The “What Is Hip?” TOP remake is given a bluesy and smoothly swinging turn that features some excellent electric trumpet work by the great jazz trumpeter Eddie Henderson. On “Ecstasy” Neil Larsen’s organ playing is top-notch and Rodney Franklin’s keyboard work on “Rhythm Of Your Love” is incredible.

Throughout the recording Stucker’s guitar is ever present as a featured color. His work is angled at finding the right mode of expression as opposed to showing off his chops. Finding just the right notes at the right time, Stucker keeps things tightly bolted down and firmly rooted in the groove. This is shown nowhere better than on “Ecstasy” where his lines float and punctuate Adamo’s vocals in pure precision.

Adamo’s voice is perfectly suited each of the tracks, both those he wrote with Stucker and the covers. With a rich baritone timbre, Adamo sincerely gets inside the lyrics as opposed to just singing them. Working within the arrangements, as opposed to singing on top of them, Adamo does more than feel the phrase, he becomes them.

While there are a few missteps, like the cover of “Eleanor Rigby” which is too sly, Adamo hits it out of the park on “Cold Duck Time (Groove On Line)” and “Make Me A Memory.” For lovers of music not aimed being aimed for 14 year-olds, this is about as excellent a recording as you will find and well worth searching out.

Legendary Drummer Mike Clark Produces Singer Tony Adamo’s new CD

Legendary Drummer Mike Clark Produces Singer Tony Adamo’s new CD
By Franki LaMantia, UrbanZonePush Productions, New York City, New York

“Yo’ into somethin’ bro,” was Mike Clark’s comment to Tony Adamo when he heard Adamo’s new vocalize/hip spoken word. This was the deciding moment when Clark, legendary drummer and co-leader of the Headhunters, formerly (Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters) decided to produce Adamo’s new CD. The recording site was Owl Studio Records (Static Shack Studios), Indianapolis, Indiana. Clark started things off by bringing in super percussionist and long time Headhunter band member, Bill Summers who laid down his percussion tracks at an earlier recording session along with Rob Dixon (tenor, alto and keyboards), and Gary Mielke (bass, keyboards). Two Owl recording artists Derrick Gardner (trumpet) and Pharez Whitted (trumpet) added their mojo jazz/funk chops to Adamo’s tracks while playing alongside Dixon in the horn section. In December, the final touch of hipness will be added when Stephen “Doc” Kupka, co-founder of Tower of Power, adds his signature horn sound to Adamo’s re-groove of two TOP hits. The music foundation for Adamo’s new hip sound is Delbert Bump (organ), Steve Homen (guitar), Brett Palm (bass), and Mike Clark (drums). Dixon and Mielke co-producers of the Headhunters new PLATINUM, will mix and master Adamo’s new CD. Live audiences will soon get hip to Tony Adamo and the Nu-Masters of Funk, featuring Mike Clark.

Associate Artists:
Tower of Power Horns: Stephen “Doc” Kupka, Mic Gillette, Skip Mesquite, Tom Politzer
The Headhunters: Mike Clark, Paul Jackson, BlackByrd McKnight, Rob Dixon, Gary Mielke, Bill Summers, Richie Goods
Jazz Greats: Eddie Henderson, Ernie Watts, Steve Gadd, James Gadson, Kenneth Nash, Neil Larsen, Freddie Washington, Delbert Bump, Steve Homan,Derrick Gardner, Pharez Whitted.