Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tony Adamo/ The Grammys Have Lost It

Over the last few weeks, much more has been learned about the factors and the people behind the decision to drop the Latin Jazz Grammy category In response and in solidarity with other music communities, we have now reopened the Petition demanding the NARAS leadership to rescind this action, and restore the Grammy Awards for all these categories, and not just for Latin Jazz. If you know of musicians and supporters from other music communities, please feel free to circulate the petition. The link again is:

This issue has also Blues, Jazz, Cajun & Zydeco, Rock, Native American, Mexican, Polka, and other music communities and cultures across the country. One of the most disappointing discoveries was to find that none of the NARAS’ Membership or local Chapters were even consulted about this action. There will be more information coming soon.
Tony Adamo

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