Monday, December 5, 2011

Tony Adamo “Turns in a Great Performance” L.A. JAZZ SCENE REVIEW

Smooth jazz vocalist Tony Adamo grooves on this latest session with a mix of originals and favorite songs. “Cold Duck Time,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “The Way You Do the Things You Do “and Grover Washington Jr.’s “ Make Me a Memory” share the program with Adamo originals that carry plenty of swing along with lush harmony. He’s backed by ensembles that provide a keyboard-bass-drums-backup-singer kind of texture where a featured singer can push his message and know that his musical partners won’t miss a beat.

“What Is Hip?” puts him into an updated jack Kerouac bag where spoken word melds with the ensemble’s texture and alternates with his lyrical delivery. A popping electric bass and a Miles Davis muted echo (from Eddie Henderson) help the piece along and provide more than a glimpse of what it takes to remain hip. Later, “Rio de Janeiro Blue” paints an opposing portrait where soulful moans give an assist to the song’s interesting message.

“Nine Miles of Blue” gives the CD a hefty punch through Adamo’s convincing vocal rendering. By combining spoken word on several tracks with his lyrical delivery elsewhere, the singer turns in a great performance.
Los Angeles, CA by Jim Santella

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tony Adamo Doc Kupka Mike Clark

Tony Adamo
Funk icon Stephen "Doc" Kupka (co-founder of Tower of Power) and legendry drummer Mike Clark(Headhunters) will be at Nacund Sound recording with Strokeland Record artist Tony Adamo, Mike Clark producing.

Lodi Recording Studio - Music Recording Studio - Sound Recording Studio ::: Nacnud Sound :::

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tony Adamo says Don't Cry For The N.B.A.


That's What I'm Talkin' Bout

It's bad enough that the nation's jobless rate is 9.7%. But the real national employment rate is even higher than the U.S. Department of Labor's figure shows. Can you dig 16% or higher. With that in mind it's damn hard for me to get hip to what the N.B.A. players want. Under an equity arrangement,players would give up some money that is now guaranteed. That's right. Talkin' bout give it up or turn it loose.How bout the N.B.A. guarantee that for every home game played. The players will donate money in there home city to help feed the poor. Makin' 2.5 million comeing off the bench to play 3 min in a N.B.A. game. and maybe not play at all. Is sick. The N.B.A. needs a drastically different approach.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo reviewed by

Rating: Four out of Five

Vocalist Tony Adamo’s new CD, What Is Hip?, is a funkified and deeply rhythmic locked affair with some of the best musicians of the day. Put together by master guitarist and producer Jerry Stucker, this horn-laden album reminds one of the early days of Tower Of Power (TOP) brought up to date by modern sensibilities. Some of the big names assisting Adamo include master drummer Steve Gadd, percussionist and Headhunter Bill Summers, trumpeters Mic Gillette, Henry Hung, and Eddie Henderson, as well as TOP bari saxophone soul man Stephen “Doc” Kupka and keyboardist Rodney Franklin.

For those unfamiliar with funk and soul the easiest comparison of this album would be with some of the early work of Boz Scaggs when he was wrapping his vocals within bluesy soul-infected wraps. Add some tastefully arranged horn backgrounds courtesy of Mic Gillette, and the result is sublime excellence.

While funk and rarified soul like this will have a tough time reaching the airwaves, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fantastic recording. The “What Is Hip?” TOP remake is given a bluesy and smoothly swinging turn that features some excellent electric trumpet work by the great jazz trumpeter Eddie Henderson. On “Ecstasy” Neil Larsen’s organ playing is top-notch and Rodney Franklin’s keyboard work on “Rhythm Of Your Love” is incredible.

Throughout the recording Stucker’s guitar is ever present as a featured color. His work is angled at finding the right mode of expression as opposed to showing off his chops. Finding just the right notes at the right time, Stucker keeps things tightly bolted down and firmly rooted in the groove. This is shown nowhere better than on “Ecstasy” where his lines float and punctuate Adamo’s vocals in pure precision.

Adamo’s voice is perfectly suited each of the tracks, both those he wrote with Stucker and the covers. With a rich baritone timbre, Adamo sincerely gets inside the lyrics as opposed to just singing them. Working within the arrangements, as opposed to singing on top of them, Adamo does more than feel the phrase, he becomes them.

While there are a few missteps, like the cover of “Eleanor Rigby” which is too sly, Adamo hits it out of the park on “Cold Duck Time (Groove On Line)” and “Make Me A Memory.” For lovers of music not aimed being aimed for 14 year-olds, this is about as excellent a recording as you will find and well worth searching out.

Legendary Drummer Mike Clark Produces Singer Tony Adamo’s new CD

Legendary Drummer Mike Clark Produces Singer Tony Adamo’s new CD
By Franki LaMantia, UrbanZonePush Productions, New York City, New York

“Yo’ into somethin’ bro,” was Mike Clark’s comment to Tony Adamo when he heard Adamo’s new vocalize/hip spoken word. This was the deciding moment when Clark, legendary drummer and co-leader of the Headhunters, formerly (Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters) decided to produce Adamo’s new CD. The recording site was Owl Studio Records (Static Shack Studios), Indianapolis, Indiana. Clark started things off by bringing in super percussionist and long time Headhunter band member, Bill Summers who laid down his percussion tracks at an earlier recording session along with Rob Dixon (tenor, alto and keyboards), and Gary Mielke (bass, keyboards). Two Owl recording artists Derrick Gardner (trumpet) and Pharez Whitted (trumpet) added their mojo jazz/funk chops to Adamo’s tracks while playing alongside Dixon in the horn section. In December, the final touch of hipness will be added when Stephen “Doc” Kupka, co-founder of Tower of Power, adds his signature horn sound to Adamo’s re-groove of two TOP hits. The music foundation for Adamo’s new hip sound is Delbert Bump (organ), Steve Homen (guitar), Brett Palm (bass), and Mike Clark (drums). Dixon and Mielke co-producers of the Headhunters new PLATINUM, will mix and master Adamo’s new CD. Live audiences will soon get hip to Tony Adamo and the Nu-Masters of Funk, featuring Mike Clark.

Associate Artists:
Tower of Power Horns: Stephen “Doc” Kupka, Mic Gillette, Skip Mesquite, Tom Politzer
The Headhunters: Mike Clark, Paul Jackson, BlackByrd McKnight, Rob Dixon, Gary Mielke, Bill Summers, Richie Goods
Jazz Greats: Eddie Henderson, Ernie Watts, Steve Gadd, James Gadson, Kenneth Nash, Neil Larsen, Freddie Washington, Delbert Bump, Steve Homan,Derrick Gardner, Pharez Whitted.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Soul’s Cookin’ with Tony Adamo and Mike Clark


Soul’s Cookin’ with Tony Adamo and Mike Clark

Fred Harris/Urbanzonepushradio New York City,NY

A new conception in soulin’ and groove time was born when legendary drummer Mike Clark, co-leader of the Headhunters, formerly (Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters) took one step and beyond by bringing in guitarist/composer/arranger, Steve Homan and jazz, funk organist/arranger, Delbert Bump for session work on Tony Adamo’s new CD. Their recording session solidified the soul cookin’ groove that is now the foundation for Adamo’s new funk music. Bump and Homan have previously recorded with Mike Clark on his CARNIVAL OF SOUL CD. Clark has also brought in high voltage funksters with some heavy souln’ in the form of Rob Dixon and Gary Mielke, the co-producers of the Headhunters new PLATINUM CD. Super percussionist and long time Headhunter band member, Bill Summers, laid down his percussion tracks at an earlier recording session with Clark, Dixon and Gary Mielke. Mike Clark will oversee Adamo’s recording session starting on October 19, 2011 at the Static Shack Recording, Indianapolis, IN.

Associate Artists:
Tower of Power Horns: Stephen “Doc” Kupka, Mic Gillette, Skip Mesquite, Tom Politzer
The Headhunters: Mike Clark, Paul Jackson, BlackByrd McKnight, Rob Dixon, Gary Mielke, Bill Summers, Richie Goods
Jazz Greats: Eddie Henderson, Ernie Watts, Steve Gadd, James Gadson, Kenneth Nash, Neil Larsen, Freddie Washington

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Male Vocalist of the Year Nominee Tony Adamo/On SoulTracks

Male Vocalist of the Year Nominee Tony Adamo SoulTracks Readers' Choice Awards. Male Vocalist of the Year Nominee Tony Adamo,Michael Franks,Freddie Jackson

Male Vocalist of the Year: Tony Adamo Aloe Blacc Anthony David Bilal Bootsy Collins Bslade Chaz Shepherd Darryl Grant Frank McComb Freddie Jackson Gordon Chambers Heston Jesse Boykins III John Stoddart Michael Franks Noel Gourdin Rahsaan Patterson Van Hunt Walter Christopher Winston Warrior

Read more: Nominees Named for 2011 SoulTracks Awards! | SoulTracks - Soul Music Biographies, News and Reviews

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo and the Headhunters

New York City,NY
Singer Tony Adamo is in the Smoothjazzbuzz with the legendary Headhunters Adamo will be in the recording studio with members of the Headhunters Oct/2011
Fred Harris Urbanzonepushradio

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Headhunter Artists are Soul Funkin’ with singer Tony Adamo

Headhunter Artists are Soul Funkin’ with singer Tony Adamo
Frankie LaMantia/Urbanzone Productions
New York City, NY

The famed Headhunters jazz/fusion/funk band (once-backing members for Herbie Hancock), are recording with singer and hip/spoken word artist, Tony Adamo in October. Rob Dixon and Gary Mielke, the co-producers of the Headhunters new CD, PLATINUM on Indianapolis based label Owl Studios, along with legendary funk drummer and Headhunters member Mike Clark, will co-produce Adamo’s new CD. Clark, who has played on two of Adamo’s previous releases, STRAIGHT UP DEAL and WHAT IS HIP? has added master percussionist and long time Headhunter member, Bill Summers to record new tracks for Adamo’s CD.

This won’t be the first time the Headhunters have brought some kool struttin’ and soul funkin’ to Adamo’s music. On his “WHAT IS HIP? CD, Mike Clark (drums), Bill Summers (percussion) and new Headhunter, Richie Goods (bass) cooked up a new soul groove for Adamo’s retooling of the Tower of Power hit, “What is Hip?” along with Tower of Power co-founder Stephen “Doc” Kupka. They fused an insatiable groove that is interwoven throughout this funk/jazz/ and hip/spoken word mash up of a song. The funky “Doc’s” iconic horn playing will be added to Adamo’s new CD at a later date to anchor the horn section headed up by Headhunter member Rob Dixon (soprano/alto/tenor sax and keyboards). Tony Adamo is a Strokeland record artist. Doc Kupka is the founder and owner of Strokeland records.

Associate Artists:
Tower of Power Horns: Stephen “Doc” Kupka, Mic Gillette, Skip Mesquite, Tom Politzer
The Headhunters: Mike Clark, Paul Jackson, BlackByrd McKnight, Rob Dixon, Gary Mielke, Bill Summers, Richie Goods
Jazz Greats: Eddie Henderson, Ernie Watts, Steve Gadd, James Gadson, Kenneth Nash, Neil Larsen, Freddie Washington

Friday, September 30, 2011

Tony Adamo's song about TOP's Doc Kupka

Uploaded by MusicDishTV on Aug 15, 2011

San Francisco Bay area singer/songwriter Tony Adamo delivers some of his best work to date with his remake of Tower of Power's “Groove Therapy.” “Groove Therapy” is a cut from Adamo's CD Straight Up Deal, and this is a vibrant, earthy track with a definite 70s feel and all the funk you can handle. The horn section features members of the original Tower of Power horn section, and Tony smoothly delivers the “therapy,” musically speaking, that is. The “doctor” is definitely in the house. With crisp music, a nice guitar solo break, and the band at the top of their game, “Groove Therapy” comes together in a style that most can only envy. Adamo seems to have fun with this track with his deep, sultry, and commanding voice, and the expertise from the horn and percussion sections put the song into overdrive

Tony Adamo's " Eleanor Rigby" Hipspokenword/vocals

Tony Adamo - "Eleanor Rigby"
Posted by MusicDishTV


Musician and singer Tony Adamo isn’t afraid to tackle a classic and put his own spin on it, incorporating influences of blues, jazz, pop, rock, and many other genres. This master of soul brings back great old songs in a manner that can be appreciated by those who heard the originals and music lovers who are hearing the songs for the first time. With Adamo’s remake of the The Beatles classic song “Eleanor Rigby,” Adamo brings back memories while getting his pop infused with funk on. Adamo’s voice breathes new life into the track, along with the innovativeness of the spoken word and a nice guitar solo to boot. “Eleanor Rigby” is from Adamo’s new CD entitled, “What Is Hip?”

Singer Tony Adamo and members of Tower of Power Horns

Uploaded by MusicDishTV on Sep 16, 2011

Tony Adamo keeps the soul coming with his new video and song "No Strings Attached" from the album Straight Up Deal. With a tower of power's worth of horns being played by Tower of Power members Skip Mesquite and Mic Gillette (who wrote the horn arrangement), Tony's sound is funkier than ever. The vocal and horn performances on "No Strings Attached" are the strongest yet from Adamo and company. Smooth lyrics make the song even greater as Tony exudes coolness and a special touch that seem to be his signature. Adamo really makes some noise with this track, which is sure to be a crowd pleaser for fans of the Soul and R&B genres.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tony Adamo and the legendary Headhunters

Members of the legendary Headhunters who backed Herbie Hancock on several recordings have cooked up a new soul groove for Tony Adamo’s remake of the Tower of Power hit, “What is Hip.” Original members Mike Clark (drums), Bill Summers, (percussion) and new Headhunter, Richie Goods (bass) form an insatiable groove that is interwoven throughout this funk/jazz hip/spoken word mash up of a song. Jerry Stucker, who produced and plays guitar on Adamo’s cover of “What is Hip,” is credited with contributing to the new Headhunter release PLATINUM, due out in the middle of June on Owl Studios Records.
The Headhunters where the supporting band for Herbie Hancock’s studio album, HEADHUNTERS which became one of the best selling jazz/funk recordings ever. The Headhunters band with Mike Clark replacing Harvey Mason (drums), worked with Hancock on a number of other albums, including, THRUST, MANCHILD, FLOOD, SECRETS and SUNLIGHT. Singer Tony Adamo is a Strokeland Record artist. Strokeland is owned by Stephen ‘Doc’ Kupka, co-founder of the super funk horn band Tower of Power. Get ready for the new Headhunter CD, PLATINUM, and get hip to the infectious slice of funk and boogie beats on Tony Adamo’s regroove of Tower’s “What is Hip.”

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tony Adamo/ The Grammys Have Lost It

Over the last few weeks, much more has been learned about the factors and the people behind the decision to drop the Latin Jazz Grammy category In response and in solidarity with other music communities, we have now reopened the Petition demanding the NARAS leadership to rescind this action, and restore the Grammy Awards for all these categories, and not just for Latin Jazz. If you know of musicians and supporters from other music communities, please feel free to circulate the petition. The link again is:

This issue has also Blues, Jazz, Cajun & Zydeco, Rock, Native American, Mexican, Polka, and other music communities and cultures across the country. One of the most disappointing discoveries was to find that none of the NARAS’ Membership or local Chapters were even consulted about this action. There will be more information coming soon.
Tony Adamo

Monday, April 25, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo on SoundTraxx with Mark Stanley

Dig singer-songwriter Tony Adamo's song “Rhythm of Your Love" from his CD, WHAT IS HIP. Adamo's smooth cut has made the playlist on the popular syndicated radio show, SoundTraxx with Mark Stanley. The Lineup for "Rhythm of Your Love”:

Vocal - Tony Adamo
Drums - James Gadson
Bass - Reggie McBride
Piano - Rodney Franklin
Guitar - Jerry Stucker
Percussion - Kenneth Nash
Sax - Skip Mesquite
Trombone - Mic Gillette
Background Vocals - Sandy Griffith
Midi Programming - Jerry Stucker

Join veteran broadcaster Mark Stanley on a unique cookin' soul groove journey into Smooth Jazz, adding the ideal mix of Jazz ingredients, including R&B, Chill, House, and Soul...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Tony Adamo's video "What Is Hip" brings both ole school and new music together as it provides us with an Interesting view of the group Tower of Power performing their original hit "What Is Hip," and showcasing an incredibly impressive rhythm section in the process. Adamo does a great job speaking about the group and explaining the history of 70's music and the Oakland, California groove, and it's obvious that he has much respect for both. The video then segways to scenes of Adamo performing his version of "What Is Hip". It's always great to see today's musicians giving respect to those who came before them, and Adamo is deep in the groove with a new conception of voice n' funk with an infectious slice of soul. This track is a fantastic mid-tempo blending of jazz and funk, keeping you in its grasp from beginning to end. There are no computer tricks here – only real music from real musicians that will make you move to the bass, guitar, piano, trumpet, drums, sax and background vocals. Many props go out to both Tower Of Power and Tony Adamo on this one"

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tony Adamo on

Eleanor Rigby by Tony Adamo

"Tony Adamo's remake of The Beatles classic song "Eleanor Rigby" is upbeat and funky. The song definitely has Tony Adamo's signature style on it, incorporating influences of blues, jazz and rock, also adding spoken word and a nice guitar solo. There's no replacing The Beatles, but Adamo has definitely brought "Eleanor Rigby" back to life for a new generation with great musicians behind him and a voice that's tried and true."

Friday, March 11, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo's Cold Duck(Groove on Line) reviewed

A funky-smooth rendition of an old jazz piece (Cold Duck Time) enriched by Adamo’s consistently rich vocal texturings. This time ’round, Adamo sports more of a Lou Rawls thing in his version of the jazz standard first set down by Les McCann and Eddie Harris in 1968. Tenor-saxman Melicia Magdaluyo and organist Neil Larsen give the Duck some additional punch. Thought it’s less of a punch and more of a smoothly and steadily delivered kind of melismatic complementarity.

Devon Jackson
Magazine Editor - Freelance Music Journalist Village Voice Rolling Stone Entertainment Weekly

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Strokeland Jazz is proud to welcome TONY ADAMO's new CD, "WHAT IS HIP?"

Strokeland Jazz is proud to welcome TONY ADAMO's new CD, "WHAT IS HIP?". On this follow-up to his 2007 release, "STRAIGHT UP DEAL" , Adamo shows a maturity and depth that puts him firmly at the top in his trademark cool-jazz style.

Recorded and mixed at some of the finest studios in the world, including Capitol Records in Hollywood, the audio quality is absolutely stunning. The songs benefit from the expert ears of Grammy-winning engineer and producer, AL SCHMITT, along with other world-class engineers and producers, including ERIK ZOBLER, ED CHERNEY, and JERRY STUCKER. Not content to merely cover classic songs by TOWER OF POWER, the BEATLES, and other great artists, producer JERRY STUCKER guides the project with class and creativity to turn these songs into something completely new, yet comfortably familiar.

The recording of the song “What is Hip” on Adamo's new CD came from a suggestion made by the legendary horn player and Tower of Power co-founder, STEPHEN 'DOC' KUPKA. During a recording session with Adamo and his producer/guitarist, JERRY STUCKER, Doc suggested several TOP songs that Adamo might want to cover.

Adamo chose “What is Hip” and “This Time it’s Real.” Kupka, along with jazz great EDDIE HENDERSON hold up the horn section on “Hip.” In the re-grooved “This Time It’s Real,” MIC GILLETTE, funk icon in his own right, wrote the horn arrangement and plays trumpet and trombone along with TOP member TOM E. POLITZER on tenor sax. Politzer plays tenor sax with Doc Kupka on bari sax.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thesmoothjazzride digs Tony Adamo

Tony Adamo – What Is Hip?

March 2, 2011

Veteran crooner Tony Adamo, with his own jazzy/bluesy style of successfully taking a tune to whatever level he chooses, does a wonderful job of doing just that here with his latest, What Is Hip? Why that title? One guess. You got it! He’s recruited a couple of members of the notorious Tower of Power to help out on a few tracks on this project. Can’t do a thing but help, right?

The rhythm is snappy, bluesy, jazzy, bright, and full of character that Adamo always brings to every studio visit. One listen to the lead track, “Cold Duck Time (Groove On Line),” Rhythm of Your Love,” Grover’s “Make Me a Memory,” TOP’s poppin’ classic “What is Hip?,” and the oh-so-smooth-and-melodic “Ecstasy,” and you’ve got the picture.

These tracks are quite simply superb selections by one who knows how to pick ‘em and how to write ‘em. One who knows how to feel ‘em and be able to tell if they’re “ripe” enough for his listening public. He generally doesn’t miss. The good ones seldom do.

In addition to writing really appealing originals, what Adamo does to the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” is remarkable. He makes a statement. There are other covers here that he does quite well (Richard Torrance’s “Rio De Janiero Blue” and The Temptations’ “The Way You Do The Things You Do” are two), but this one deserves a standing ovation.

Back to those catchy originals, “Nine Miles of Blue,” quite possibly my favorite here with its blues flavor, takes on the soul in places where real bluesmen live. The Hammond, the horns, Adamo’s vocals, and the melody all hook and just stay with you. I’m sure that was his intent, and it worked. He follows that with an upbeat yet still rather bluesy track, “Mystery,” which takes off in a funky kinda way with plenty of attitude.

Adamo closes with the Tower of Power team behind him as they belt out the TOP original “This Time’s It’s Real,” which will make a believer out of any doubter. Adamo is back with a swagger and a product in hand that should easily sell itself. – Ronald Jackson

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tony Adamo on horndrivenradio's Super playlist

Sunday, February 27, 2011
Tony Adamo's What Is Hip? CD
Tony Adamo's new CD "What Is Hip?" is about to be released. You can find a review of the CD at Muzik Reviews. "What Is Hip?" will soon be available at Strokeland Records, then at other outlets. Until the is released you can here three of the songs here at Horn Driven Radio. The songs in our current rotation are:

What Is Hip?
The Way You Do The Things You Do
This Time It's Real

For More on Tony check him at out at his page on Strokeland Records.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Tony Adamo reviewed by Scott Yanow

Artist: Tony Adamo
CD Title: What is Hip?
Record Label: Strokeland Records
Buy CD:
FREE MP3 Download
Tony Adamo
Tony Adamo has a warm deep voice, has a style containing equal parts soul and swing, and he performs music that is difficult to categorize. His music is both funky and bluesy yet it has the unpredictability of jazz along with grooves from the more creative side of vintage r&b.
But then again, how does one describe Les McCann’s singing? Adamo explores some of the same areas at times, particularly on the opener “Cold Duck Time.” During what is probably the first vocal version ever of the song made famous by McCann and Eddie Harris at the 1968 Montreux Jazz Festival, Adamo contributes words that change the song into “Groove On Line” while retaining the same joyful groove of the original.

Tony Adamo is joined by several overlapping groups throughout this disc and there is fine playing by guitarist Jerry Stucker, Neil Larsen on organ and piano, tenor-saxophonist Melicio Magdaluyo and a few members of Tower of Power. Much of the time Adamo functions as a lead instrument, being part of the band rather than a stand-alone vocalist. There are times when he recalls Ben Sidran, a hipper Michael Franks and even Mark Murphy, but in general he simply sounds like himself.

In addition to the lyrics of “Cold Duck Time,” Tony Adamo co-wrote six of the songs with Stucker. Along with his originals (“Love Don’t Get” is particularly catchy), the repertoire includes such intriguing numbers as Grover Washington Jr.’s “Make Me A Memory,” “What Is Hip,” “Eleanor Rigby” and “Rio de Janeiro Blue.”

The interaction between the singer and the horn section is frequently infectious, the quality of the music is consistently high, and it always grooves. It quickly becomes apparent that in the gray area between jazz, r&b and soul, Tony Adamo is one of the top voices. What Is Hip? is easily recommended.

Scott Yanow, author of The Jazz Singers, Trumpet Kings, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record 1917-76

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo on EJN Music Playlist

Singer Tony Adamo's Download Music Stats on EJNMusicSampler

This Time It's Real - EJN Music Sampler # 15-Nov -5-2010 - 2,724 Downloads

What Is Hip? - EJN Music Sampler # 20-Jan 17-2011 - 2,857 Downloads

Eleanor Rigby - EJN Music Sampler # 20-Jan 17-2011 - 2,900 Downloads

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo by muzikreviews

Artist:Tony Adamo
Title:What Is Hip?
Release Date:2011
Product Link:
Source Link:

Tony Adamo has a voice that sounds like what you would get if you put Dr. John, Lou Rawls, and Mark Murphy into a bomb shelter with a mad Dr. and presented him the challenge of harmonizing their voices into one. After a few experiments in blending I believe the final version would sound exactly like Tony Adamo. His voice is ultra-cool and makes you feel cool just listening to the red hot jazz funk with a heavy dose of groove he is laying down. On his new album, What is Hip? He creates a standard of great music that raises the bar high above the heads of the followers in this genre.

Tony’s version of the Tower of Power classic “What is Hip” is on fire. It is amazingly cool and funked up beatnik style. He has picked the perfect song for his voice to cover here and knocks it out of the park and into another park where it immediately scores a grand slam. Anyone who covers this song needs to listen to this and think about what they are going to do and if they can push the bar higher than Tony has. “Nine Miles of Blues” opens perfectly with an organ that only makes Tony’s voice sound cool and smooth like frozen vodka bite size ice cubes. The horns that bring up the background are just enough and never overshadow as some horns can.

Covering the Beatles is like walking in quicksand with lead filled snow shoes, most who try never make it across. Tony takes a stab at the walk with a cover of “Eleanor Rigby”. It works because Tony doesn’t take the standard route in covering a song. He reinterprets this song with a rocked up jazzy vibe that doesn’t come across as a cover version but instead comes across as simply another version. Tony makes it across the quicksand by simply being cool enough to be himself. “Rio De Janerio Blues” is like a cool breeze as you sit on the balcony of a beautiful house that looks out onto a perfect sunset gently going into the ocean. It is so relaxing and laidback with its hints of organ and whispered backup vocals that just invite you to pull your hat down a bit lower and let your mind drift away. This album is made for relaxing and just feeling good about your ability to hear. You’ve heard of brain food, well this is ear food and feel free to help yourself to seconds.

4.5/5 Stars

Key Tracks-Rio De Janerio Blue, Cold Duck Time (Get Your Groove On Line), What Is Hip?

Doug Morrissey- Staff

February 21, 2011


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo reviewed by Review
Tony Adamo
A beat poet for the new generation? Or a jazz-funk crooner? Take your pick. I think that either one of these characterizations could easily describe Tony Adamo. Tony comes to with two tracks from his recently released CD – “What is Hip”
“What is Hip?”
When I first heard this cover of the Tower of Power song from 1973, it brought back memories of other spoken word songs. However, Tony’s offering is not as “gimmicky” as these other songs. There is a strong sense of cool sophistication in the way he delivers the lyrics. It doesn’t hurt that he has a set of smooth pipes. It also doesn’t hurt that a great group of musicians that add so much to this song backs him. A special “thumbs up” to Sandy Griffith, whose background vocals give this song a real (for lack of a better reference) “Motown Feel”.
“Cold Duck Time”
Tony does a laid-back and funky version of this Eddie Harris and Les McCann song from their 1969 album - “Swiss Movement”. On this track, Tony shows (once again) his smooth vocals. Melecio Magdalugo on sax is a great foil for Tony’s vocals. Neil Larsen on organ brings an undercurrent of soul to the party. This is without a doubt a fine tribute to one of jazz’s classic tracks.
Jeff’s Favorite: “What is Hip?”
Jeff’s Final Thought: For me, Tony’s renditions conjure up visions of the classic “cocktail party”. Others have called his music a combination of the big band and sound with a seasoned Vegas lounge singer. I agree with those comparisons. However, it is much more than that for me. Taking a quick tour of this CD, you will find a number of good versions of classic songs. Some of the standouts include “Make a Memory”, “Calling” and an interesting version of the Beatles “Eleanor Rigby”. The combination of smooth vocals, spoken word and, solid arrangements make this album complete.
I am really having a hard time thinking of contemporary comparisons for Tony. I think that he is without a true equal. Others have said that you could compare him to Tom Jones or Lou Rawls. I’ll throw Dean Martin into that mix. Still, there really is no comparison.
Jeff Niziol
February - 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo's Funkn' Soul Music

"Tony Adamo is funk, soul and a rockin good time.
Think of his music as a cross between Lou Rawls and the Temptations singing "Papa Was A Rolling Stone."

Monday, February 7, 2011

UrbanZone Records Release of Tony Adamo’s WHAT IS HIP CD

UrbanZone Records Release of Tony Adamo’s WHAT IS HIP CD
Fred Harris
Los Angeles, CA

The recording of the song “What is Hip” on singer/songwriter, Tony Adamo’s new CD (entitled WHAT IS HIP) came from a suggestion made by the legendary horn player and Tower of Power co-founder, Stephen “Doc” Kupka. During a recording session with Adamo and his producer/guitarist, Jerry Stucker, “Doc” suggested several TOP songs Adamo might want to cover. Adamo choose “What is Hip” and “This Time it’s Real.” Kupka, along with jazz great, Eddie Henderson hold up the horn section on “Hip.” In the re-grooved “This Time It’s Real,” Mic Gillette, funk icon in his own right, wrote the horn arrangement and plays (trumpet & trombone) along with TOP horn member, Tom E. Poltzer (tenor sax). Poltzer plays lead solo with “Doc” Kupka on bari sax.
Talk about a kool struttin’ and soul funkin’ sound. Adamo is deep in the groove on these two Tower of Power hits. Producer/guitarist, Jerry Stucker loaded up the WHAT IS HIP CD with big city cool. Some of these great players include: Mike Clark (drums), Steve Gadd (drums), James Gadson (drums), Reggie McBride (bass), Richie Goods (bass), Freddie Washington (bass), Bill Summers (percussion), Robert Quintana (percussion), Blackbyrd McNight (guitar), Jerry Stucker (guitar), Neil Larsen (organ/piano), Rodney Franklin (piano), Melecio Magdaluyo (tenor sax/flute), Henry Hung (trumpet/trombone), and Sandy Griffith (background vocals).
Can you dig Adamo’s new conception of voice n’ funk with an infectious slice of soul? Get hip to WHAT IS HIP and be “souled” on the thirteen songs on his new CD.
WHAT IS HIP MP3’s are now available at and hard copies will be available at and CDBABY soon. will add songs into radio play.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo's "What is Hip"Song Lineup

"What is Hip" Song Lineup

What Is Hip?
(S Kupka, E Castillo, D Garibaldi - Bob-A-Lew Songs ASCAP)

Vocal/Hipspokenword - Tony Adamo
Drums - Mike Clark
Bass - Richie Goods
Piano - Neil Larsen
Guitar - Jerry Stucker
Percussion - Bill Summers
Bari Sax - Stephen Doc Kupka
Trumpet - Eddie Henderson
Background Vocals - Sandy Griffith
Midi Programming - Jerry Stucker

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo's "No Strings Attached" @#1 on Soul Charts with members of Tower of Power Horns

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guitarist Blackbyrd McKnight Plays lead on singer Tony Adamo's Eleanor Rigby

Guitarist Blackbyrd McKnight Plays lead on singer Tony Adamo's Eleanor Rigby

Blackbyrd McKnight presents Progressive Funk Rock.

...His passion to unite Funk and Jazz to Rock people came from his experiences working with Perliament/Funkadelic, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Bill Laswell, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock & The Head Hunters, Charles Lloyd, Sonny Rollins,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo is Hipin' you to "What is Hip"

Singer Tony Adamo's new CD,"What is Hip" can be Downloaded at

Friday, January 14, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo on Top 100 Music Charts in Jazz Vocals-Funk-Acid Jazz-Rock-Soul

Top Tracks
6 Tracks

1)What Is Hip #2 in Funk// 2) No Strings #4 in Soul 3)Groove Theraphy #10 in Jazz Vocals 4)Passport #18 in Soul 5)milestones #7 in Jazz Vocals 6)Stolen Moments #9 in Jazz Vocals

1)Eleanor Rigby #22 in Rock

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo #1 on Acid Jazz Charts

Artist Charts
Week ending 08 Jan 2011 RankLast WeekArtist
San Francisco, CA, USA
name 1-Tony Roc Adamo

21Ali Rashada

38Scott Monroe Percussionist Extraordinaire
Reno,NV/Lake Tahoe, CA/NV, USA,

Melbourne VIC, Australia

534Sand Blast



North America

Cleveland, OH, USA

1031Da Phatfunk Clique
North America

Singer Tony Adamo-Talkin' Bout Gettin' Down in Top 100

Singer Tony Adamo-Talkin' Bout Gettin' Down

Chart Ranking Jazz / Blues #7 Acid Jazz #1 Jazz Vocals #2 for Singer Tony Adamo at

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo's Funky Hip Eleanor Rigby

"Tony Adamo's upbeat take on the Beatles' classic that's a cross between a spoken word recitation and a Tom Jones hipshaker"

This very fresh take on the Beatles' symphonically infused downer reemerges here in Adamo's arrangement as decidedly less depressive but certainly no less enticing. The melancholy of the original comes through less so in Adamo's phrasings but is threaded throughout by the plaintiveness of the organ. The sadness of McCartney's voice has been leeched out here but miraculously not so much prettified by Adamo as hepped up by his jazz inflections and flavorings. The tempo's faster and the crispness of the drums and the guitar provide a snappy counterpoint to the organ. This is not a lonely song at all but a sort of rousing pronouncement about all the lonely people.

Devon Jackson
Magazine Editor - Freelance Music Journalist

Devon Jackson has written about music and film for a variety of publications--from Entertainment Weekly and The Village Voice to Rolling Stone and Details. He is also the author of Conspiranoia! and currently the editor of Santa Fean magazine

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo's lineup for Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby
(J Lennon, P McCartney - Northern Songs Ltd)

Vocal/Spokenwordfunk - Tony Adamo
Drums - Mike Clark
Bass - Jerry Stucker
Organ - Neil Larsen
Guitar - Blackbyrd McKnight
Background Vocals - Sandy Griffith
Percussion - Robert Quintana
Midi Programming - Jerry Stucker

To Download Eleanor Rigby go to

Singer Tony Adamo tells Eleanor to get hip

Eleanor Rigby | Tony Adamo
New music "Eleanor Rigby" by Tony Adamo from his new CD,"What is Hip" Free song play