Thursday, December 30, 2010

Singer Tony Adamo/Top MP3 downloads for the week ending Dec. 18, 2010

Top MP3 downloads for the week ending Dec. 18, 2010View all freely available MP3s on!

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Rank Song Artist Last week Times in top 25
1. Nightlife Podcast 39: DJ Shadow Nightlife Podcast 6 9 Add to playlist
2. Isabella Vina Poppermost 3 120 Add to playlist
3. Nightlife Podcast 42: AK1200 Nightlife Podcast 1 4 Add to playlist
4. Make 'em Say cheapPLASTIK! 18 14 Add to playlist
5. Let's Hardcore Dance the Night Away My Dying Heart 14 12 Add to playlist
6. Flirtin' with Disaster NAWGAHYDE 1 14 Add to playlist
7. Assault Assassin The Marquees 6 15 Add to playlist
8. Monterrey 6 2 Add to playlist
9. Nightlife Podcast 25: The Crystal Method Nightlife Podcast 17 24 Add to playlist
10. Closer (Cover of NeYo) The Higher 17 23 Add to playlist
11. What is Hip Tony Adamo 22 26 Add to playlist
12. Mangled Metal (reprise) Hip Chainey 15 17 Add to playlist
13. You've Got The Beast of Me Mons Wolff 10 21 Add to playlist
14. Azure Delusions Atonalis 6 13 Add to playlist
15. Poserslaughter Avenger of Blood 25 19 Add to playlist
16. Precursor Alternative Noise Corporation 9 21 Add to playlist
17. We Party Klassick 11 23 Add to playlist
18. Nightlife Podcast 37: Tocadisco Nightlife Podcast 10 10 Add to playlist
19. Waves Soul'd Out 6 18 Add to playlist
20. F**k Ted Nugent Nothing With Numbers 12 40 Add to playlist
21. Come On Ashbury 20 14 Add to playlist
22. Nightlife Podcast 21: Marco V Nightlife Podcast 9 22 Add to playlist
23. Ready ... Set ... Gone! Billy Kay 22 7 Add to playlist
24. Cinematic Faux Pas Air Raid Anthem 17 15 Add to playlist
25. Sin City Mr. Finley 19

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Singer Tony Adamo Reviewed By Ken Spellman-Soundcheckny Radio

Singer Tony Adamo Reviewed By Ken Spellman-Soundcheckny Radio
Singer/songwriter Tony Adamo and his producer/guitarist Jerry Stucker have re-grooved the Tower of Power (TOP) songs "What Is Hip" and "This Time It's Real," and have added their unmistakable smooth groove to these TOP hit classics. Adamo and Stucker have reimagined "What Is Hip" in a totally fresh and hip style that pays homage to, but never attempts to duplicate, the classic Tower of Power original.

"What Is Hip" is a pleasant and refreshing project that reflects back on a legendary time in music history where REAL INSTRUMENTS were played. No Garage Band, Live, Fruity loops here buddy!

On top of that Tony and Jerry dared to cover one of the most famous songs to garner appeal from jazz enthusiasts, lovers of funk, and R&B. This is the type of music that SHOULD be on the radio as it was when "Tower Of Power" initially released it.

As I listened I was rewound back in time to pleasant summer days of my youth refining my skills as a percussionist. It was a time to be HIP and this was the anthem.

The song opens with funky percussion, light keys and spoken word which immediately grab your attention. The horn sections softly remind you of the "Tower Of Power" horns and the overall flow casts you back into the street scenes of movies like "Superfly, Car Wash, and Lady Sings the Blues". The song progresses at a hip pace, no rush, no pressure, we'll get there when we get there!

When we got to the end of the song I had to play it again until I finally downloaded it to my IPhone, got in my baby Benz and took to the streets of Manhattan, from The Trade Center in complex in lower Manhattan, up the West Side highway to 125th Street and i was Hip".

This one gets lot's of Stars **** out of five and I encourage you to visit their sites and buy both their current projects.

Urban AC radio and the few Jazz stations out there get on this one! You can believe we're playing it on Soundcheck!

Ken "Special K" Spellman
Founder / CEO - Soundcheck Incorporated
Ken Spellman - Founder / CEO - Soundcheck Incorporated

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Singer Tony Adamo Says Get Hip To This

We have just received word that the Geronimo’s Path Foundation along with Sal Rodriquez Productions ...& Corner Stone Entertainment is having a fund raiser for the Yvonne Kupka Medical Fund. The fund raiser will be held at Mi Hacienda Restaurant 9613 Whittier Blvd. in Pico Rivera, CA from 4-8 PM. This event will include performances by members of the band Tierra along with the band Barela, and the Sal Rodriquez All-Star Band, as well as other bands. For more information call 323-397-6186 or 818-581-9911

Monday, December 13, 2010

Singer Tony Adamo and the Black Cherry Group

Dec 13, 2010
Singer Tony Adamo and the Black Cherry Group

Black Cherry Group/ Music Review on Singer Tony Adamo

I'm serious -- this album(Straight Up Deal) is essential to any collection
This is Tony Adamo's tour de force -- find me one album which has a great song like this one. Well, the White Album, of course, which is a convenient parallel -- this is as close as anyone has ever come to an R & B version of the Beatles' masterpiece, and what's more, it's the product of one individual's talent. With so many brilliant performances, the only problem is absorbing it all. sounds like a Steely Dan tribute. but I'm hard pressed to figure out what else I would not like from Tonys album --

Black Cherry Group strives to help artists get quality gigs, regularly booking concerts at, amongst others, The House of Blues, The Knitting Factory, 4th & B, The Stage and The Viper Room. Black Cherry Group has also worked closely with many other companies, including KPRI-FM, 91X-FM, MTV, Univision.