Friday, October 20, 2017

Rain Man Make It Rain Love My Way Single CDBABY Tony Adamo

Mic Gillette and Skip Mesquite/Tony Adamo

Two of the late Tower of Power greats in Mic Gillette and Skip Mesquite. Both have played on my recordings. Mic wrote all of my horn arrangements. I think about both of them as hip funky swinging cats who blew people's minds in the music they played. Mic and Skip on one of my recording sessions Oakland,CA

Thinking In Color For The First Time/Tony Adamo

Allaboutjazz Top Downloads/Tony Adamo

Into The Sound Holographic/Tonyadamo

Tony Adamo and the New York Crew/CDBABY

"As vocalist, Adamo's exciting, highly-energetic interpretations avoid any faux hip inflections. He swings soulfully heavy , has great rhythmic feel, and injects a soul vaccination across the date. His scripted dialog is powerful in presentation and content . There's no hand or lip jive; the " Vocal hipspokenwords" are performed as dit-dot tight as the horns and infectious rhythms behind him. He channels the "Beat" poets Jack Kerouac and Alan Ginsberg, and modern verbalists, Mark Murphy and Gil Scott-Heron."
-- Nicholas Mondello, Allaboutjazz