Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tony Adamo Jannine Santana

Just got off the hook with Janine Santana, Latin Jazz percussionist, project leader for the 6-12 piece Janine Santana Latin Jazz Ensemble (featuring Richie Cole, Jose Madera and many other jazzers in the international music community), radio host, actor, artist, designer and writer is a well respected fireball of creative activity. Janine interviewed me for her radio shows on Party 934 radio, KUHS radio Denver,CO and KUVO jazz radio Denver,CO. To be broadcast at a later date. A most hip heart felt thank you to Janine Santana. B well B hip.
Tony Adamo

Friday, March 17, 2017

Tony Adamo on KUNV 91.5

Yo Wow Kim & Steve, I got the tweet at 11: am this morning. Went right to the play list and dug the spin at 8:47. A most heart felt thanks to you both. B well B hip.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Playlist for New Play Tuesday with Janine on Party934 Radio/Toy Adamo

Playlist for New Play Tuesday with Janine on Party934, March 14, 2017, episode 492, Featured: Cubafońia by Daymé Arocena
Name Time Album Artist
1 AC Party934 0:08
2 Eleggua 3:09 Cubafonía Daymé Arocena
3 mic break 2:00
4 La Rumba Me Llamo Yo 4:24 Cubafonía Daymé Arocena
5 Bubu Dub 4:01 Build Music Janka Nabay
6 Natural Woman 4:51 Testimony Howard Johnson & Gravity
7 mic break 2:00
8 Learning How To Listen 6:07 Aminata Moseka - An Abbey Linc… Va Virginia Schenck
9 For Tito 8:15 Shades Of The Bay Norbert Stachel
10 Sugar Ant 5:17 Tangled Endemic Ensemble
11 mic break 2:00
12 Lo Que Fue 3:49 Cubafonía Daymé Arocena
13 Picasso At Midnite 3:18 Tony Adamo and the New York C… Tony Adamo And The New York…
14 Folks Who Live On The Hill (feat.… 5:01 I Go Back Home Jimmy Scott
15 mic break 2:00
16 The Mission 5:00 It's Like This Jim Buennig
17 Day And Night 3:30 Dreaming With Eyes Wide Awake Misha
18 03 Darn That Dream 5:18 Frescalalto Lee Konitz
19 mic break 2:00
20 Holy Land 10:03 Clockwise: The Music Of Cedar… Ben Markley Big Band
21 Everybody is Somebodies Fool F… 3:58 Jimmy Scott - I go Back Home Jimmy Scott
22 mic break 2:00
23 Discount Records 3:34 Picture Him Happy Ben Sidran
24 Guajira 3:15 Havana-Paris-Dakar Alune Wade & Harold Lopez-Nussa
25 Moondance 4:39 Mixtura Luba Mason Feat. Al Jarreau
26 Janine on Party934 0:16 Station ID Mr Ho
27 The Harlem Pipes 9:58 Basically Baker Vol 2 [Disc 1] Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra
28 El Coronel 7:23 Avenida Graham Greg Diamond
29 mic break 2:00
30 Cómo 5:05 Cubafonía Daymé Arocena